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  • Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt
    Princess Remedy in a World of HurtPC

    Princess Remedy is a top down action/adventure game in the vein of the older Zelda games. Basically, you walk through different areas and talk to NPCs, which initiates a combat sequence. Upon completing the encounter you gain a heart, and with enough hearts you unlock the next area and the gameplay loop repeats. There are also some pretty basic upgrades to find as well. Combat plays out like a mix of a top down run n gun and old school Zelda. Your character shoots automatically in the direction you?re facing, so most of the decisions you?ll have to make basically revolve around whether to face an enemy and shoot at it, or to reposition to avoid damage. As the game progresses, your weapon spread will increase meaning you also have to decide between getting closer to the enemy for higher DPS or maintaining your or using off angles to be safer...
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (2019)
    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (2019)Nintendo Switch

    In short : ++ It's beautiful ++ A good old Zelda 2D retro-gameplay + Remake quasi 1-to-1, enhancing old or bad mechanics +/- Still quite easy +/- Hero mode is hardcord at first, but then becomes quite easy - Memory gestion and latency -- Dungeon Maker too repetitive with no real rewards The remake of Link's Awakening on Switch is a good throwback to the roots of 2D Zelda rules and mechanics. Link's Awakening was the founder of future Zelda 2D rules and codes and it was also one of the major inspiration for Ocarina of Time. However, does this game still hold up nowadays ? Grezzo, the studio behind the 3D remakes of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Maks on 3DS, is once again the one behind the wheel for this remake. They built it from scratch, trying to map 1-to-1 with the original game First, this game is beautifull ; it goes back to the cartoonish looks and...
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  • EarthBound
    EarthBoundNintendo Super NES

    The second installment on the Mother series, and considered by now as a cult classic, as someone who replays this game a lot, i think it deserves a good review GAMEPLAY - 9/10 There's almost nothing to say about the gameplay tbh, it's pretty much a better version of your regular JRPG gameplay. A huge map to explore, enemies around and etc. The game has some very unique mechanics though that are really useful to the gameplay like the rolling HP system, enemies that chase you instead of just random battles and some other things. Since i like to speedrun the game i really enjoy exploring the gameplay mechanics the best i can aswell. It's a great gameplay overall. STORY - 10/10 This is probably the thing i like the most about EarthBound. The story might seem a bit cliche at the beginning as it follows the "chosen one" trope, but other than the...
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  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and WinePC

    As a famous steam reviewer said "CDPR makes a full game and calls it a DLC" Just a few hours into this DLC and i was astonished at the huge world and the content it has, it felt like i was in a direct sequel to the game. As the time passes and by progressing the DLC i was constantly thinking "How could such a huge and well made world be released as just an expansion? considering and comparing it to other expansions?" The best answer i found to this was "Generosity" This is by far the most generous DLC i have ever played in my entire 21 years of gaming. So....What makes this so good? Judging a DLC from my perspective is about how much this specific DLC improved on the main game, and Blood & Wine improved on pretty much everything. Toussaint The newly world added, a super gorgeous, bright and beautiful...
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  • Mother 3
    Mother 3Nintendo Gameboy Advance

    Being the official ending for the Mother series, Mother 3 changed the already original formula of the series. But does it work? It sure does! GAMEPLAY: 9/10 Mother 3 has a really good gameplay, keeping the same unique mechanics EarthBound had but better, plus the ability to run which is much better than EarthBound Beginnings and new gameplay features. The only problem i have with the gameplay here is that Mother 3 is not as "open world" as it's predecessors, which might be good considering the way the game tells it's story, but i didn't find it as appealing as the big open world EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound had. STORY: 10/10 Do i really need to say anything? Mother 3 is not only one of the best storylines in the videogame history, but one of the best storylines in any fictional work until now. It's the game that made me care about characters the...
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  • Moonlighter

    Digital Sun's Moonlighter is a great start for the independent game studio, but the game still has a few flaws I would like to point out. In Moonlighter, you play as Will. During the daytime he is a shopkeeper. As a shopkeeper, you have to adjust your prices to the demand of the people. This can prove to be a challenge, but once you find the sweet spot, you can expect to make a lot of gold. Of course, the wares you're selling don't just appear out of thin air. At night, you venture into the dungeons to slay enemies and collect their loot. This loot can be used either for selling in your shop, or crafting new weapons and armor. The core gameplay of Moonlighter is a fresh take on the dungeon crawler genre, mainly because of the shopkeeping addition. Going into the dungeons can be quite repetitive though, since you...
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  • Yoshi's Crafted World
    Yoshi's Crafted WorldNintendo Switch

    In short: ++ Levels and landscapes are beautiful, charming + Original, charming and themed music + Boss challenges + Post-game difficulty +/- Flowers and red coins collected only once +/- Costumes - Almost a downgrade of Woolly World -- Tedious hunt for souvenirs/hide-and-seek Yoshi's Crafted World follows the dynamics of previous Yoshi's games ; it focuses on a particular theme (here arts & crafts) and has a childish ambience. The player is tasked to traverse levels while collecting, as usual, red pieces, flowers and hearts. Small addition ; now Yoshi is tasked by NPCs to search for specific objects, "souvenirs" in the landscape of the levels he already visited. First, Good-Feel, the studio behind Crafted World, Woolly World and Kirby's Epic Yarn, delivers as usual a very charming and beautiful game ; the play discovers world, forests, caves, oceans and even space, all crafted upon small daily life objects. It's beautiful to the eyes, tingles the player's inner creativity, and...
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  • Cave Story Plus
    Cave Story PlusNintendo Switch

    Where do I even begin with Cave Story without repeating anything anyone else said? The gameplay is amazing, the story is beautiful, the design is outstanding, everything about this game is a masterpiece! The story begins with a mysterious boy with no memory of who he was discovering a village populated by a species known as the Mimiga, it is your quest to protect the Mimiga and find out about your origins. Cave Story is short, but it's fun from beginning to end, no matter how many times I've played it. Each different area feels different from each other, from Egg Corridor, to Bushlands, and some of the other areas I don't want to spoil for anyone. from looks to the incredibly written soundtrack. You start the game with low health and a basic gun AKA the Polar Star, but through exploration, your arsenal can be improved with new weapons and ammunition....
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  • Stardew Valley
    Stardew ValleyNintendo Switch

    I want to start this review by getting the obvious stuff out of the way: Stardew Valley is a farming simulator developed single handedly by Eric Barone and released in 2017. It's a game that borrows the Harvest Moon formula and creates it's own identity. The game starts you off by your grandfather's bedside, he bestows upon you a sealed envelope, and instructs you to open it once you feel that life has become to much of a burden. An undisclosed amount of time passes, and eventually, you decide to open the letter. You find out that your grandfather has inherited to you his farm, so you make your way on to Stardew Valley. Once you reach the town, it is your job to restore the farm, start building friendships with the townsfolk, and free yourself of the stresses of capitalism. The great thing about Stardew Valley, however, is that...
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  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
    Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagPC

    Assassin's Creed IV is probably the second best Assassin's Creed game to date, only surpassed by the second installment of the franchise (I have yet to play Origins and Odyssey), and my favorite pirate-themed game of all time. I remember the first time I went into this game, I had ZERO expectations about it since I never had a huge love for the franchise (before this game I had only truly liked Assassin's Creed II. Brotherhood was fine but nothing that was worth remembering, I dropped Revelations because of how boring it was for me, and 3 was plain mediocre, and that's being generous). Yes, I know given those circumstances it wouldn't make sense that I would pick this game, but the pirate theme was very interesting for me, and considering I borrowed it from a cousin of mine, I thought "well, why not?". I was surprised of how the game ended...
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  • Assassin's Creed Odyssey
    Assassin's Creed OdysseyXbox One

    Ubisoft went full RPG with Odyssey, featuring branching dialogue options and romanceable characters. The Modern day story follows Layla Hassan again, this time reliving the memories of Kassandra, a mercenary in 431 BCE Greece. Kassandra has to defeat the Cult of Kosmos (the ancient Templars), who are set on destroying her and her family. Combat is fitted into three different categories; Warrior, Hunter, and Assassin, each with their own skill tree. Warrior focuses on melee combat and dealing as much damage as possible head-on. Hunter is the archery class, dealing damage from a distance. While third class, Assassin, is stealth based - encouraging players to be aware of their surroundings to sneak past enemies or silently take them all down. With the free DLC Lost Tales of Greece and the episodic paid DLC, this game will be supported for a long time to come. I?ve logged over 115hrs in this...
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildNintendo Switch

    I bought a Switch above market price the month the console released just so I could play this game. The gameplay is, in some ways, revolutionary design-wise, and even more importantly it's FUN. There are few games that feel as satisfying just to be in, and the respect for players and effort the devs put into this game shows in nearly every aspect of it. There are a couple of departments this game disappointed me in, though: music and story. My favorite titles in the Zelda series--Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess--for the most part feature tight, linear narratives and memorable soundtracks. I don't think that these things are necessary to make Zelda games GOOD, they're just a big part of what makes the games in this series magical TO ME. The trailers and interviews leading up to this game's release led me to believe that, while Breath of...
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  • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
    Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of ValentiaNintendo 3DS

    In some ways SoV is the best of the modern FE titles, which is surprising for how much this remake eschews the opportunity to apply modern conventions to this very early title. In some ways, this works to the game's detriment. FE Gaiden's much maligned map-design returns here. The classes and units have been re-balanced in a very noticeable way, but that doesn't stop Dread Fighters from being clearly superior to most other units, among other things. Many improvements have been made over Gaiden, though. Mila's Turnwheel takes a notoriously frustrating title and makes it wonderfully enjoyable. As long as you have the integrity not to abuse it, it simply makes Fire Emblem as a whole _better_. The dungeon crawling is well-realized and compelling. But the thing I really have to sing praise upon praise toward is the game's *presentation*. Almost all dialogue is fully voice-acted, and well done at that!...
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  • Metro Exodus
    Metro ExodusPC

    Metro Exodus had the promise with making it seem this would the last game and a good send off to a niche but beloved franchise. While the game it's self-looked beautiful and overwhelmingly promising, the truth couldn?t be farther. Game breaking bugs, laughable animations and the loss of its linear narrative turned itself into a seemingly shallow story. While pretty in nature and made a good look at what the future of ray tracing could be, I can?t recommend this game for newcomers and only those that are seriously dedicated to the series. What starts as a simple extension of the crafting system from the second game, becomes to be problematic for what would be the add-ons and extra content of the open world. To get said upgrades in metro last light the player needed to use ammo to buy the necessary upgrades, this forced the player to be...
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  • Dragon Knight
    Dragon KnightPC

    This is a textbook example of a poorly made game, every single corner has been cut except for the artwork, which I will get into later. At the surface it is a 2D side scrolling RPG where you take control of Sue a human(?) with magical powers that... does things... for some reason... Pardon my confusion but after beating this game I still have no idea what the context of the entire story is, if there even was one to begin with! The one redeeming trait is the excellent artwork for the beginning comic sequence and the characters CG's... that's it though. It is also very deceptive because unknowing gamers are lured into purchasing the game based on the great artwork to find out that this game is absolutely terrible. Here are some of the terrible elements that comprise this game: 1) No character development, after beating...
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  • Valkyria Chronicles
    Valkyria ChroniclesPC

    Valkyria Chronicles is a tactics game where you play as a squad commander in a fictitious WWII setting, but you probably already knew that. The greatest achievement of this game is its revolutionary battle system, which is the next step in single-player tactics. Phantom Brave may have started this change getting rid of grids, but Valkyria Chronicles brings it to the next level by giving you full control of your character in a 3D environment, with maps that emphatise verticality and cover. At the start of each mission, you choose members of your squad to bring to the field among many classes, like scouts, shocktroopers and lancers - your tank busters. All classes are useful and balanced, even some I initially thought that weren't as useful, like the engineers. You get a set number of action points each turn, spend one of them to select a character to...
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  • Kingdom Hearts III
    Kingdom Hearts IIIPlaystation 4

    For days I have been deliberating on my feelings about Kingdom Hearts III. Days of wondering what is good, bad, missing? As a long time Kingdom Hearts fan, like many of you, I have been waiting for a long time to see the end of the Xehanort saga and I have many emotions surrounding the overall experience. There is this overall feeling of disappointment that drowns my entire experience regarding the game. Gameplay - 6 Kingdom Hearts had a slow and methodical combat system the rewarded timing and precision to your actions. Kingdom Hearts II had a diverse and wide range of skills to customize your combat experience to your liking or to fit your situation. Kingdom Hearts III has many abilities that give you more delicate and exciting ways to mash the X button to win. I felt there was no third dimension when it came to...
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  • Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire
    Guild Wars 2: Path of FirePC

    **PROS** - Story ( the best of the two expansions) - New Elite Specializations for all profession - New Masteries bind with mounts - 5 New Maps in Crystal Desert - 4 New Mounts + 2 Mounts hidden - Bounty System **CONS** - Joko this, Joko than, enough of Joko, no? - Difficulty Despite the bad start it had on launch day, it is undoubtedly the best expansion of the two that have already been released. Compared to the maps of the first expansion, it is not so frustrating that you can complete without many problems. The new masters presented are more focused on the Mounts, containing several upgrades for each. Each mount has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the terrain it treads. Not forgetting how easy it is to switch between them. I will not talk about the story itself, but the expansion continues where the living world 3 is over. So it is recommended that you play the living world...
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  • Black Desert Online
    Black Desert OnlinePC

    **PROS** - Great Graphics - Over Power Character customization - Open world with a good combat system - Easy money through fishing / farming / tradint / housing - Metrology system + day - Login rewards **CONS** - No coin conversion system for pearl (as in guild wars 2) - The main quests + side quest become repetative - Mediocre voice actor - Classes blocked by gender and unbalance - Main Story (poor) - Lack of customization of armor - No control for the newbies tutorial - Pay-to-win elements From criticism I?ve read, this game has two types of players. Simple players (like me) who like to have a good time without resorting to extra items and Pay-to-win players who are the ones who like to spend money on extra items, which in my opinion are more expensive than the game itself game. Attention that I am not criticizing these players, just think that a MMORPG who does not have a system like in Guild Wars 2...
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  • Fatal Frame
    Fatal FramePlaystation 2

    **PROS** - History - Environment - Soundtrack - Photo Camera - Various types of roll **CONS** - Some puzzles - While exploring some more encounters with Ghost This was my first such title to play. At first I was frightened by everything. Every little noise i heard i was on alert. But as the game progresses the scale of fear has dropped considerably. One of the things I loved about this game was the overall atmosphere, not only the fact that I did not know what was going to happen at the next corner, but also the little promenades with powder that hangs in the air of the mansion. There will be several occasions when people can be photographed, past events that took place in the mansion. I would never say that the developers would use an old photographic camera (which in turn belonged to the protagonist?s mother) as an exorcist for ghosts. Not forgetting that there are x types of...
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  • Resistance: Retribution
    Resistance: RetributionSony PSP

    I'm a big fan of the Resistance franchise and seeing it on the small screen was something I missed during its release. I was skeptical of trying a PSP version of the game but its developers did not disappoint. Story - We follow the story of a British guy named Grayson whose brother wounds up in a conversion center. Grayson has no choice but to mercy kill his own brother and that ends up affecting him big time. We end up with a revenge tale for the memory of his fallen brother. This could easily turn into a blood lust throughout the campaign but there is some character development through the introduction and motivations of its supporting characters. What was fascinating was to see the story unfold through the eyes of someone defending their homeland instead of an American being deployed to Europe. It did have bigger stakes since this is...
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  • Tales of the Abyss
    Tales of the AbyssPlaystation 2

    Tales of the Abyss (PS2) ~Review by Zvezda Kuerten 1) Intro: a) Game Synopsis: Luke Fon Fabre is a young wannabe man who has been confined to his manor for seven years, ever since a terrible incident erased all his previous memories, for the fear of something like that ever happening again. He dreams of freedom and new horizons, but his dreams are about to twist his reality way too faster than his arrogant demeanour can hope to keep up with. b) Game Concept / Game Idea: Tales of the Abyss is part of the ?Tales of? franchise. It is a Role-playing Game (RPG) set in a distant world with it?s own problems. It boards into things such as religion, loyalty, friendship, family, love and purpose. c) Misc: An anime based on the game was aired in 2008. It?s has 26 episodes and shows the events depicted in it?s source material very well. It is an awesome Anime in...
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  • Titanfall 2
    Titanfall 2Xbox One

    The first entry in this franchise was skipped due to a lack of single player campaign but they made up for that in this second visit into the Titan universe. Titanfall 2 was able to keep me riveted in my seat even if it was for a short amount of time. Story - You take control of a forgettable character who is given authorization to handle a Titan robot due to extreme circumstances. From then on, this games becomes more of a quest to survival rather than building a legacy which both due occur as the story progresses. Survival turns into purpose when this pair resumes a mission previously designated to an ally and it just keeps getting bigger. The most impressive aspect about the story is the relationship between the man and the titan as they traverse diverse areas with several gimmicks in each one. In one level, you're...
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  • Neuro Hunter
    Neuro HunterPC

    Neuro Hunter (2005) by Deep Silver Well, I had this game installed in my PC for years now, ever since I saw it?s gameplay images somewhere on the web. I had played a couple minutes of the game, but got disappointed with the lack of stealth (which we will address later on the review) and dropped it for playing other games I can?t really remember. So, last week I had finished playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl (which is an awesome game, by the way), and I needed a game to play while I got my hands on the next instalment of the series, Clear Sky, and I saw Neuro Hunter?s shortcut, and it reminded me so much of Deus Ex I had...
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  • Hotline Miami
    Hotline MiamiPC

    Hotline Miami is a special case of matching between aesthetics and indie gameplay. I find it crucial for game developers, especially in indie front to build on the advantages of their art style rather than be a chance of circumstance. You will be hard pressed to find a game that matches a vaper wave aesthetic, and even more so to find a game that does it so perfectly. Along with a killer soundtrack featuring a mixture of artists and frustrating gameplay that is challenging and random. I would highly recommend the game for a quick session of high paced adrenaline. Gameplay: The AI is random by nature and helps with the sense of progression one has with understanding the game on a deeper level. Rather than play a few lives then progressing by memorization. You must adapt and change your play style to what is available to you. That could...
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