Game Review - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order on Nintendo Switch

Written by Zraitor on March 22, 2020 @ 7:19 am

--Graphics and Sound--

This game looks amazing and the voice acting and sounds of the heroes are well done. They chose a more cartoony look, but it works well for this game. Most games on the switch look so so, this one is awesome. All your expected catchphrases and superpower sounds are in there.


Marvel UA3 is an action RPG and a rather basic one at that. You pick your team of four superheroes, and then your game mode. Story or the games many trials, which are different levels with objectives and sometimes handicaps. You have limited attacks, a light and heavy, and four skills you gain from leveling. They range from the usual great to useless as usual in these kinds of games. Now there are all kinds of team-up attacks called synergies, and winning is based on spamming these.

Some enemies and all bosses have what is called a stagger bar, and you whittle this down, mostly with the synergy attacks to stun them. So you run around beating up weak enemies real fast and using the same skills over and over. Of course, the enemies throw attacks of their own back at your team so you must dodge them and hope the game's TERRIBLE camera doesn't screw you over. Seriously the camera is the real main boss of this game, wildly repositioning itself and allowing you to get attacked off-screen ... how this didn't annoy game testers and get fixed is beyond me.

Being an RPG, you level up and get stronger, the usual. You eventually gain the ability to use something called 'ISO-8' s which acts like equipment and mostly makes your stats higher, although a few have special effects. You can also then eventually upgrade and level these, so I hope you like grind with your grind. It's both too simple and too annoying to manage, can't say I like it very much.

There is also a huge team skill tree that you buy points in with credits and a currency that's only gained when a hero gains a level .. it functions as yet another grind. There are so many heroes to level, so you'll be at this a long time if you get into it, which is good but grinding while enjoyable at times makes up most of the game and that creeping question of "Why am I doing this?" came very quickly to me.

Now there is fun to be had, but only due to the genre and through playing your favorite heroes, and then only in short bursts. It's just too simple and I was hoping for something more than another typical action RPG with grinding making up most of its length. I know action RPGs are typically like this, but it gets real old real fast. This game never quite reaches the polish and addictiveness of the Diablo games.


So starting as the Guardians of the Galaxy doing their thing in space, you come across the Infinity Stones and then are chased by Thanos and his goons back to Earth after accidentally using the Stones... Yeah, it's bad. Did we really need another Infinity Stone story so close to the movies? The story is even more basic than the gameplay, absolutely no depth and just an excuse to throw in the games many heroes. Should I have expected that? Yes. Did I expect that? Yes. Am I still disappointed anyways? Yes.


Marvel UA3 is a very average action RPG, it is fun and addicting but only because of the genre it is in lends to that. I have hopes the DLC helps bring it up some, but not much. I'll continue to play it and hopefully like it more as I do if only to justify buying the game and full DLC on the Nintendo Eshop.

Gameplay Rating: 6
Story Rating: 2
Graphics & Visuals Rating: 8
Sound Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 6


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Game Information

Nintendo Switch
Team Ninja, Koei Tecmo Games
Action, RPG
NA Release Date
July 19, 2019
JP Release Date
July 19, 2019
EUR Release Date
July 19, 2019
AUS Release Date
July 19, 2019
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