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Fav genres are JRPGs, Simulators, Strategy (GSG or 4x) and Kart Racers but i'll play anything if it's good

All consoles I have owned are in the area on my profile, the ones I currently own are: Nintendo Switch, Wii, 2DS XL, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and a PC.


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Victoria II

Victoria II PC

Victoria II: The most niche current gen Paradox game. The final one before CK2 popularized the art of the grand strategy map game. It often gets overlooked or dismissed as a relic of its time, but truth be told, this is one of my favorite games of all time and I just picked it up on-sale very late into 2019. Even without nostalgia goggles, Victoria II is a masterpiece. It takes a hefty time investment to learn, the UI is a bit dated, the two DLCs are NEEDED (Although, on-sale they're only like 20$) and there is some jank especially in vanilla. Despite this, the hours upon hours I put into learning the game don't feel wasted at all. If you are a fan of these kinds of games, if you like customization, depth, strategy, the idea of creating an empire, or role-playing; I beg you not to dismiss this game...

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