A catalog of games i've played and ones i intend to play. I like rating things so I try to give everything i've beaten a rating. Only my absolute favorites or games I consider as close to perfect as you can get receive 10s. My 9s are exclusive, as well.

My favorite genres are strategy, simulators, and JRPGs; however im not picky, if a game is good then it's good.

Currently Playing: Self explanatory

Continuously Playing: I put games that you can't truly "beat" here, like the Mario Karts, Paradox games, rocket leagues etc. of the world.

Completed: Games i've beaten or spent a good amount of time in.

Dropped: Games I never finished, usually due to scratched disks (Xenoverse, Galaxy) or them just being bad or mediocre. (Sticker Star, Ghosts)

On hold: Games I own but haven't finished or even played, games with ratings here just means it's my impression of it so far from limited play time, so take them with a grain of salt.

Plan to play: Games I don't own that I intend on playing, mostly listed for remembering them for later on.


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