Ice the name,

Back when rca connectors were still in use, me being in kindergarden my already adult brother used to show off video games to me and my sister, completely blown away by the magic of games, I got hooked. While everyone got makeup for christmas, my parents gave me my first console ever, the V. Smile Learning Console. At the time it was the coolest thing for me to have even though it wasn't a Wii and existed purely to be educated. It disappeared someday, prob sold by my parents. In grade school I received the old Playstation 1 from my brother and boi did I love Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. I couldn't play past a point in the game because the cd had issues, and because the cartridge was broken I couldn't save my progress. So I played it over and over again. In the midst of it, my parents got themselves the first pc in the house. A windows xp one. My brother shared some of the games he had, some of the games I enjoyed were Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing and Need for Speed Underground 2. As weird as it might be now, I used to hang out in Habbo, Howsre and Panfu. Some browser game websites had a good variety of games me and my sister would play. Local coop games were played with the same keyboard on the same office chair next to each other. A bit later, in third grade my sister showed me a Youtuber playing Minecraft, so I watched, and watched and watched a thousand of episodes of it. Let's plays they're called, lot's of it I watched. At this point I was already very used to watch someone else play, my brother often showed me how he was playing Assasins Creed, Call of Duty or Metro 2033 for example, with sleepover nights even. That's why for the following years I would consume a whole lot of let's plays on Youtube, a bunch about Minecraft and in german at first, but I gradually switched over to english despite being the worst in class in the subject. I progressively improved thanks to it. After playing Minecraft for years I started to loose interested. 2013 was my peek year, letting go off Minecraft resulted in me watching a variety of games on Youtube, exploring the medium even more. The Last of Us, my favorite game to date for example. However, in the beginning of 2014 something else got my attention. It was Anime. Consuming it on mass almost like an addiction I quit playing games for two years. The come-back for me was League of Legends and oh lord how much I played it Finally in highschool there was no time to balance reading manga and playing LoL, so I quit playing the game which frustrated me so much and didn't work on my computer anymore anyway. Instead to follow the dream I had since the age of 10, wanting to do game art for a living, I decided to switch to an art highschool. Feeling half-embarassed for having little knowledge of games, I decided to focus on playing as much as I can in my higschool years while trying to learn the essentials for game making. That is what I'm doing right now. Regardless of being a total beginner and failing at the easiest of game mechanics, I still enjoy playing games a lot. I'm glad I'm back at it again.

Now that you know my story, write me, I don't bite.

note to myself: plan to play, games I watched on Youtube


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