Xbox 360
    Academy Trivia

    Academy Trivia Xbox 360

    Academy Trivia is an exciting take on classic trivia games. Played like a table top game, Academy Trivia features bonuses and penalties which add an exciting twist to any game. Academy Trivia features more than 40 hours of gameplay with a whopping 4000+ questions spread across eight categories, including a...
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    Abzolium Xbox 360

    The award winning multiplayer battle arena game Abzolium is finally coming to the Xbox 360! Fight with up to 4 players in an action-packed arena where the environment is more than just a dormant background. Create your own ability build that suits you or your team so you'll come out...
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    Abstacked Xbox 360

    A puzzle game where the object of the game is to clear lines of stars by placing two of the same tiles at the each end of the line....
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    Absorb Xbox 360

    Master the art of absorbing your enemies! Be the last orb alive by changing into a color that destroys your enemies and makes you stronger. New and more challenging orbs await as you progress to the fearsome Boss Battle!...
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    Absolute War

    Absolute War Xbox 360

    Aliens, Humans, and Robots collide! Play one of the pre-loaded game maps, or create your own mayhem using the Level Editor. Choose your faction and complete wave-by-wave of increasingly difficult enemy personnel. Manage your personnel by making the most out of points received by purchasing ammo, upgrades, special abilities, and...
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    Absolute Defense

    Absolute Defense Xbox 360

    A Two player tower defense. The zombies are smart targeting the closest, most populated villages first. Keep the zombies away or they will eat the the villages and grow in numbers, kill them to continue on. Play with a friend =). infinite mode. 30 something levels. Can you protect them...
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    Absolult Firepower

    Absolult Firepower Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Absolute Firepower

    Give freedom to Kaalamarii Islands. Defeat the oppressive army....
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    Abronium Tournament

    Abronium Tournament Xbox 360

    Join the Abronium cyber world for a hot thrilling tournament competition. Gather friends/family and build your own cool tournament using 35 different maps from 10 different game modes (EG: Race, CTF, Soccer, Chase & Fetch). With up to 16 players in a local game youll have the perfect party booster....
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    Ticket to Ride (2008)

    Ticket to Ride (2008) Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Ticket to Ride

    All aboard! Travel from coast to coast and visit all the stops on the exciting train adventure Ticket to Ride. Plan your routes and connect your cities across the country to become the ultimate traveler. Earn points as you claim your tracks and complete your tickets for your chance at...
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    Abronium Party

    Abronium Party Xbox 360

    Play Fetch, Soccer, Capture the flag, Race or Chase with or against friends and family. You can choose to play campaign, co-op campaign or tournament. There's also a party mode where you can play tournaments with up to 16 players on a single Xbox 360. By automatically using computer replacements,...
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    About to Blow Up Part 1

    About to Blow Up Part 1 Xbox 360

    "Small Time Records" is in BIG TIME trouble! Mr. Sleez, the unbelievably evil hip-hop music manager, has threatened to eliminate the only remaining independent record company in town. "ABOUT TO BLOW UP PART 1" is a hilariously insane hip-hop cartoon adventure jam-packed with crazy characters and mind melting puzzles!...
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    Abmastrophy Xbox 360

    Have you ever wondered . . ....
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    ABC Fun

    ABC Fun Xbox 360

    ABC Fun is a cute educational game which teaches your child the ABC in a funny and interactive way; colorful animations - including your avatar....
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    Aban Hawkins & the 1000 Spikes

    Aban Hawkins & the 1000 Spikes Xbox 360

    "Aban Hawkins & the 1000 SPIKES" is an 8-bit retro style Hardest Extremest Craziest Platform Action Puzzle Adventure. Simple & intuitive rules. Elaborate level design. Various fierce traps, traps, traps! Return to the Golden Years of Video Game. No one can BEAT this game...except YOU!!...
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    Abaddon: Retribution

    Abaddon: Retribution Xbox 360

    The long awaited sequel of the critically acclaimed shooter, Abaddon, has come! Jump into the cockpit as Tara Cole, a talented fighter pilot who must protect Abaddon, mankind's deadliest starship. Choose from an arsenal of ships, weapons, and abilities. This Dream Build Play 2010 finalist features tower defense and shooter...
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    Press X to Not Die

    Press X to Not Die Xbox 360

    You wake up to find your town in chaos. Everyone has gone crazy and is just attacking each other! A cryptic message is the secret to survival-- Press X to not die! Survive the streets, find your girlfriend, find out what happened, and get the hell out of town in this...
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    Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

    Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Shin Sangoku Musou: Multi Raid Special, 真・三國無双 マルチレイド Special

    For the first time in the franchise, up to four friends can join together to form a tactical "Strikeforce" with history's mightiest warriors. Working as a team, players can plan coordinated assaults to conquer massive armed fortresses and colossal beasts. The game's heart-pounding action will go where it has never...
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    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Gundam Musou 3, ガンダム無双3

    Set in the future, chaotic warfare has engulfed the universe. The world is ripe with strife as gigantic mecha called Mobile Suits march to war on land and in space. Featuring characters and mecha from over 30 years of Gundam anime and manga series, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 thrusts players...
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    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2

    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Gundam Musou 2, ガンダム無双2

    In the future, rebel space colonies launch a brutal war of independence with a series of coordinated orbital strikes against Earth. The chaotic assault signals the dawn of a new age of combat and the ultimate instrument of warfare is born, the Mobile Suit. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 combines the devastating...
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    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Gundam Musou, ガンダム無双

    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam takes gamers through an intergalactic conflict where the only hope for survival is to annihilate the encroaching opposing forces. It's a one-versus-many as gamers fight at lightning speed aboard their favorite Mobile Suit, the ultimate weapon of war. Gamers can explore the rich and detailed setting of...
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    After Burner Climax

    After Burner Climax Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: アフターバーナー クライマックス

    The classic arcade game After Burner returns for a new generation of gamers. After Burner Climax is fast and frantic action, putting you in the cockpit of the world's fastest fighter plane. Dodge planes, rockets, and bullets while trying to target multiple on-screen enemy aircraft. Built for all skill levels,...
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    Qix plus plus

    Qix plus plus Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: Qix++

    QIX++ is a remake of the game QIX that now includes high definition graphics. The object of the game is to defeat the "QIX" using the user controlled marker to cut off more than 75% of the playing area. Once the 75% of the playing area is cut off, you will...
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    Abaddon Xbox 360

    Are you ready to experience EPIC space battles against enormous enemy fleets over XBox Live? If so, then Abaddon is in need of pilots like you! This game mixes tower-defense strategy with fast-paced-shooter intensity. Choose from 4 upgradeable ships, 5 weapons, and 7 abilities as you defend Abaddon in 3...
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    Aaron's Ping-Pong

    Aaron's Ping-Pong Xbox 360

    Classic style black-and-white table tennis, with single and local multiplayer modes and custom audio....
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    Aardvark Xbox 360

    Aardvark: the ultimate Ball & Bricks console game. Featuring stackable power-ups, side-by-side 2 player co-op play & a fully featured level editor! 3 difficulty modes will keep players of any skill level busy, as each difficulty level features its own high score list. Can you beat over three dozen unique...
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    AardBloxX Xbox 360

    AardBloxX is a 3D puzzle game designed to exercise your mind. Blocks are sent at you which must be fit into flat planes at an increasing pace. You will have a blast playing this game, and it will help keep you mentally sharp and improve your spatial awareness! With two...
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    Aah! Who's that Character?

    Aah! Who's that Character? Xbox 360

    Want to be hailed the master of all media? Why not take the greatest trivia challenge ever! This isnt exclusively for film buffs, couch potatoes, bookworms and cartoon freaks, but for everyone. Refresh your memory and get asked who played who, who said what and who did what. Show off...
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    Aah, Halloween Pie!

    Aah, Halloween Pie! Xbox 360

    Can you help the Witch get what she needs!?! A short but exciting 2D Platform Action game for one player With random elements so each game will differ from the last!...
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    Aah Little Atlantis

    Aah Little Atlantis Xbox 360

    Don your thinking cap to save the Atlanteans from their sinking islands! Grab a life jacket in sympathy to those chucked in the sea! Put on climbing gear to help them to the highest mountains! Now take all those props off, as they just get in the way of the...
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    Aah Impossible Rescue

    Aah Impossible Rescue Xbox 360

    A sad kitten is a sad enough sight, but there's nothing sadder than a sad and wet kitten. YOU are armed with an uncanny ability to steer three stranded river kittens from afar. Will they be purring bundles of happiness, or scrawny damp fuzz-monsters? Its up to you in this...
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    Aagh! Xbox 360

    Put your reflexes to the test with Aagh! Hurtle through corridors and avoid crashing for as long as possible to get the highest survival time possible. With local high scores for everybody and global high scores for XBox live gold members; you'll find it hard to put Aagh! down!...
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    A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX

    A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX Xbox 360

    A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX is the upgraded version of A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda, the award-winning 2.5D action-packed side-scrolling platform game that originally released in 2011. The game takes players on a thrilling sci-fi adventure! Take control of combat specialist Ares, or the new playable character, Tarus, to battle deadly machines with a...
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    A.I.R. Play

    A.I.R. Play Xbox 360

    A futuristic sports game involving Artificially Intelligent RoboBots based around an evolved version of Soccer with a plasma ball. Each team attempts to score the highest number of points in order to progress through the AirPlay Tournament. Select from 14 RoboBot characters and 7 force field surrounded scenes....
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    Barnstorming Xbox 360

    Included in the Game Room service. Ladies and Gentlemen! Presenting one of the most hair-raising, heart-stopping and breathtaking video games ever to fly across a TV screen: Barnstorming by Activision! You'll be amazed as your small but sturdy biplane, flying inches off the ground, actually zooms through barns, soars over windmills...
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    A-Train HX

    A-Train HX Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: A-Ressha de Ikou HX

    Get ready for the newest entry in the ATrain series: A-Train HX! Now on the Xbox 360! Enjoy realistic and beautiful 3D cityscapes that only the Xbox 360 can provide - all in widescreen HD! In A-Train HX, you are the creator of your own city. Start your development by...
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    A-Maze!-ING Xbox 360

    Run your way out of a treacherous volcano maze in this arcade style adventure! Challenging and rewarding gameplay awaits those with the skills to master this incredible game!...
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    A-Band Xbox 360

    Unleash your inner drummer with A-Band. The Arcade mode features 12 of the most promising indie bands from around the world: USA, Japan, Germany, UK, Brazil... and much more. Learn real drumming in School of Rock and playback your own creations at the Record Studio. Plug your drum kit in...
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    9 Ball Pool Champion

    9 Ball Pool Champion Xbox 360

    Classic 9 Ball pool, with 4 player party mode, and cooperative play against the computer. Featuring multi rebound Cheat-O-Laser for insane trickshots!...
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    9 Ball Champion Live

    9 Ball Champion Live Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: 9 Ball Champion LIVE

    Classic 9 Ball pool, with Live multiplayer up to 4 players. Featuring multi rebound Cheat-O-Laser for insane trickshots!...
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    8BitsRetroZSurvivals Xbox 360

    8BitsRetroZSurvivals is an addictive retro 3D styled game where you have to survive against the attacks of zombies. Try to survive on 3 unique maps - Headquarters, Sewers and Village...
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    8-bit Girlfriend

    8-bit Girlfriend Xbox 360

    Now you can do what most 8-bit RPGs never let you! Court up to four lovely 8-bit ladies. Choose from a Princess, Elf, Thief or Item Shop Girl in this comical adventure. Be brave Sir Knight, you will get your 8-bit girlfriend!...
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    8-Bit Defense

    8-Bit Defense Xbox 360

    8-Bit Defense pits you against some of the galaxies nastiest aliens as they try to make claim and take over your home town....
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    8 Ball Pool Champion

    8 Ball Pool Champion Xbox 360

    Classic 8 Ball pool, with 4 player party mode, and cooperative play against the computer. Featuring multi rebound Cheat-O-Laser for insane trickshots!...
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    8 Ball Champion Live

    8 Ball Champion Live Xbox 360

    Alternative Titles: 8 Ball Champion LIVE

    Classic 8 Ball pool, with 4 player party mode, and cooperative play against the computer. Featuring multi rebound Cheat-O-Laser for insane trickshots!...
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    8 Ball

    8 Ball Xbox 360

    8 BALL is a 3D casual pool game focusing on 8-ball gameplay with high quality visual appearance and wide range of customization. Player is given a stylish pool table with sizes customizable among 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot and 9 foot. The bed color is available in 6 colors....
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    7strains: The Infectious

    7strains: The Infectious Xbox 360

    Survive the onslaught of strains with nothing more than rocks at your disposal! 1-4 player co-op and versus, 16 challenges, 4 survivor difficulty modes, 7 unique enemy strains, 26 customizing menu options, random terrain generation, high scores, and 16 music tracks! Play the challenges with your friends or setup a...
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    7 Quests of the Hero

    7 Quests of the Hero Xbox 360

    Seven maidens have been kidnapped and held prisoner by an evil sorcerer Your mission is to locate and rescue them back to the safety of the castle and then keep them amused for the duration of their stay! hours of game play buy special items from the shop to help...
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    7 Gunfighters

    7 Gunfighters Xbox 360

    A gang of seven notorious outlaws has been getting out of hand. They think they are the toughest gunfighters in the state. Teach those scoundrels a lesson! Pull out your revolver and shoot down the bad guys....
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    60 Seconds to Park

    60 Seconds to Park Xbox 360

    Race against time to find the last available parking space in an ever expanding parking lot. Skid around corners and optimise your route to beat the clock and progress to the next round....
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    5MinRPG Xbox 360

    Want to fight? Want some teamwork? You've only got 5 minutes? Try this game! Also contains skills, equipement, boss, random dungeons... Still here? I have a secret for you, you can play more than 5 minutes if you finish several dungeons, but don't tell anyone....
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