Playstation 1
    Running Wild

    Running Wild PlayStation 1

    This original take on racing sets you up as a bipedal animal, jumping over all sorts of obstacles in an attempt to speed past your wild competition. Each of the game's six tracks is set in a vastly different locale, presenting unique challenges for every animal on the roster. Choose from six...
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    Micro Maniacs Racing

    Micro Maniacs Racing PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Micro Maniacs Racing

    Micro Maniacs Racing is a racing game in the Micro Machines series. This time however, you don't get to race cars, boats or any other type of vehicle, but micro men. Most courses are on foot, but others allow you to take small vehicles such as jet skis and skate...
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    NBA Live 98

    NBA Live 98 PlayStation 1

    NBA Live 98 is a multiplatform basketball game and the fourth game in the NBA Live series from EA Sports. NBA Live 98 was the first basketball game to use digitised photos of real players for in-game faces. However the use of unchanging still photos meant that the player's expression would...
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    NBA Live 97

    NBA Live 97 PlayStation 1

    NBA Live is where players come to play. Real NBA competition. Real NBA skills and strategy. Real players. Like you. Right? 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 halfcourt games. 3-Point and Shoot Out competitions. 1996-97 updated rosters including rookies and over 300 NBA stars. All 29 NBA teams plus 2 NBA All-Star and...
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    NBA Live 96

    NBA Live 96 PlayStation 1

    New for NBA Live '96: New player animations - big blocks, tip-ins, tip-in slams, spin moves, crossover moves, two foot takeoff. New moves - one-on-one, spin dribble and crossover. Two new teams - the Vancouver Grizzlies and Toronto Raptors. Multi-Team Seasons for up to four players. Trade any player, any...
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    Cobra Command

    Cobra Command PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Thunder Storm, Thunder Storm LX-3

    Included in Thunder Storm & Road Blaster. Cobra Command is an arcade conversion of a helicopter shooting game from Data East. It is an "on rails" style shooter with the player controlling only the aiming of the shooting but not the direction of the helicopter. Your job is to shoot down the...
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    Thunder Storm & Road Blaster

    Thunder Storm & Road Blaster PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Thunder Storm LX-3 & Road Blaster, Cobra Command & Road Blaster

    Thunder Storm & Road Blaster is a bundle composed of two discs that features two FMV arcade games by Data East: Thunder Storm Road Blaster The bundle was only released in Japan. THUNDER STORM Thunder Storm is an arcade conversion of a helicopter shooting game from Data...
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    Road Blaster

    Road Blaster PlayStation 1

    Included in Thunder Storm & Road Blaster. Road Blaster (also known as Road Avenger) dates from the era when interactive movies (e.g. Dragon's Lair, Escape from Cybercity, Time Gal...) with film-quality graphics, but limited player movement, were highly popular. Players assume the role of an angry cop on a wild ride as...
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    Expendable PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Millennium Soldier: Expendable

    In the year 2463 the Earth is in jeopardy of alien invasion and destruction. The planet's only hope for survival is a group of genetically bred soldiers known as Expendables. The sole purpose of your existence, as one of the Expendables, is to seek and destroy any threat to your...
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    Myst PlayStation 1

    Journey to an island world eerily tinged with mystery--where every rock, every scrap of paper, every fleeting sound holds a clue to an ancient mystery. Enter, if you dare, a starkly beautiful landscape shrouded in intrigue and injustice. Only your wits and imagination hold the power to unlock the shocking...
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    Warriors of Fate

    Warriors of Fate PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: 天地を喰らうII 赤壁の戦い

    Warriors of Fate is a 2D side-scrolling beat 'em-up and sequel to Dynasty Wars taking place in ancient China. Akkila-orkhan the dark lord of Shang-Lo has decided to conquer the neighboring countries. The wise Kuan-Ti has summoned the five greatest warriors of the lands to stop this from happening. The...
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    N2O: Nitrous Oxide

    N2O: Nitrous Oxide PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: N2O

    Take a deep breath and preapre to engage in an electrified tsunami of light. Colour and fortified funk, you are a tunnel runner screeching through the thirty levels of constantly morphing. Psychedelic dimension of N2O, lock down, power up and take the trip of a lifetime as you're fuelled by...
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    Top Gun: Fire at Will!

    Top Gun: Fire at Will! PlayStation 1

    Top Gun: Fire at Will is a flight simulator based on the movie of the same name. You take the role of Maverick and must pilot your F-14 Tomcat with your RIO Merlin in the backseat through a series of missions that begin with the Top Gun School in San...
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    Time Gal

    Time Gal PlayStation 1

    Included in Time Gal & Ninja Hayate. The year is 4001. The evil Luna has stolen a time machine and plans to use it to take over the world. You are the Time Gal, a skillful and pretty scientist, and your mission is to chase Luna through different time periods, to...
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    Destruction Derby

    Destruction Derby PlayStation 1

    This ain't no dragstrip. It's the place where cars come to die. You're on a mission to bash, smash and crash into the other guy until his auto (or yours) gives up the ghost. You've got the roll bars, crumple zones and hardened fenders. You'll need them. Play against the...
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    Street Sk8er 2

    Street Sk8er 2 PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Street Skater 2, Street Boarders 2

    This is a skateboarding game very similar in gameplay to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. You pick a skater and go through different skate parks, selecting either pro or amateur settings. You can also create your own skate park. Multiplayer competition is also provded, including 4 player serial play. Street Sk8er...
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    Destruction Derby Raw

    Destruction Derby Raw PlayStation 1

    The third Destruction Derby title on PSX brings all new action to the race track. A new 3D collision detection system allows for bigger chrashes and larger pile-ups, while with new Destruction Combo moves, you can trash the enemy in many more ways. Game modes include Wreckin' Racing, Smash 4 $,...
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    Rollcage Stage II

    Rollcage Stage II PlayStation 1

    This sequel to Rollcage can be considered as Wipeout on wheels. The game allows you to power your vehicle down tunnels at blistering speeds, riding upside down on the roof if need be, and blast your fellow competitors to smithereens! There are new and improved weapons - including the ability to...
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    Time Crisis: Project Titan

    Time Crisis: Project Titan PlayStation 1

    Time Crisis is back! Secret agent Richard Miller has been framed in the assassination of Caruba's president. A fiendish plot has surfaced. You have only 48 hours to find the president's real killer, clear Agent Miller's name, and uncover the sinister plan. Good luck... and remember, trust no one. Project Titan...
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    Grind Session

    Grind Session PlayStation 1

    Your ride is here! Defy gravity in Tournament play and the occasional city ordinance in 8 insane locations, including tough Vans Triple Crown of skateboarding events. Own the concrete and leave the weak behind with six top pros Ed Templeton, John Cardiel, Cara-Beth Burnside, Willy Santos, Pigpen and Daewon Song. Incredible...
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    Power Shovel

    Power Shovel PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Power Diggerz, Power Shovel ni Norou!!, Simple 1500 Series Vol. 89: The Power Shovel, The Power Shovel

    Power Shovel is an arcade/simulation where you get to drive excavators of various sizes to do more or less realistic tasks. These include; digging holes, loading sand on trucks, tearing down old buildings, destroying abandoned cars and serving soup in a restaurant (using the scoop as a soup ladle), and...
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    BeatMania PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: BeatMania (EU)

    This is the European edit of Konami's successful series Beatmania, a part of their BeMani franchise (DDR, DrumMania, Guitar Freaks and more). You get to play well known club tracks on a special controller that looks similar to the original arcade one, with 5 piano keys and a "turntable". Pieces...
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    Firebugs PlayStation 1

    Firebugs is a futuristic racing game from the developers ATD. The game features five characters (Gismo, Carrie, B.O.W, Zero and Kami), each with their own vehicles. Two of these characters (Gismo and B.O.W) are named after members of the Finnish dance/hip-hop/electro music act, Bomfunk MC's, who also provide most of...
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    Rugrats: Studio Tour

    Rugrats: Studio Tour PlayStation 1

    Rugrats: Studio Tour is an action game based on the Daytime Emmy-award winning animated television series Rugrats. The Rugrats have lost Dil Pickles. As Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Angelica you have to search for him on Hollywood movie sets. There are four sets to explore with each multiple levels for...
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    Project: Horned Owl

    Project: Horned Owl PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Horned Owl

    Time: the future - Metro City is under attack from legions of robots directed by a twisted dictator. Your squard of mech-suited cops hits the ground, transformed into deadly defense units. Your city is buckling, street by street - can you stop a total mech takeover? Horned Owl is a rail-shooter...
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    Rageball PlayStation 1

    Rageball is a brutally played sport of the future, pitting teams of exiled human convicts against each other in a battle for victory. The Colony hosts Rageball in events that are broadcast worldwide. This is a game where sportsmanship means nothing and where hesitation usually means a quick end to...
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    Point Blank 3

    Point Blank 3 PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Gunbalina

    The highly acclaimed shooter returns to action this time with even better graphics and more modes of play than are possible to keep track of. Begin with the game's four Practice stages, move on to 16 Beginner levels, try your luck at the 48 Advanced stages, then see what you're...
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    Assault: Retribution

    Assault: Retribution PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Assault

    Travelling through 7 mind blowing levels, your mission will take you far from home. Journey to remote outposts of humanity and into hellish uncharted alien worlds. We wouldn't deploy you to the epicenter of an alien infested city without a massive arsenal from which to choose. Multi-phased pulse rifles, devastating...
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    Chocobo Collection

    Chocobo Collection PlayStation 1

    This game celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the Chocobo character from the Final Fantasy series and includes the games: Chocobo Stallion Chocobo Racing Dice de Chocobo Chocobo Stallion and Chocobo Racing were released previously for the PlayStation and were included in this...
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    Chocobo Stallion

    Chocobo Stallion PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: チョコボスタリオン

    Chocobo Stallion is a game in Square's long running Chocobo series. The game is a spin-off of sorts of the minigame found in Final Fantasy VII where the aim is to breed chocobos and compete with them in various races. This game, as opposed to the minigame, is much more...
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    Dice de Chocobo

    Dice de Chocobo PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: ダイスDEチョコボ

    Included in Chocobo Collection. Dice de Chocobo is a board game starring Chocobo from the Final Fantasy franchise that was first released as part of the Chocobo Collection. In this game, Chocobo must travel in various game board lands and beat each different board in order to free his friends and...
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    Chocobo's Dungeon

    Chocobo's Dungeon PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon, チョコボの不思議なダンジョン

    This is the first game in the Chocobo's Dungeon series. You take on the character of Chocobo and adventure through a randomly created dungeon. The story evolves from the opening movie when a fellow chocobo is "turned" evil by a crystal he finds in a garden. When the evil chocobo kicks...
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    Atelier Elie: The Alchemist of Salburg 2

    Atelier Elie: The Alchemist of Salburg 2 PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Elie no Atelier: Salburg no Renkinjutsushi 2, エリーのアトリエ ~ザールブルグの錬金術士2~

    Atelier Elie is a turn-based RPG with isometric graphics, and the second entry to the Atelier series by Gust. The player assumes the role of a new alchemist protagonist named Elfir Traum (nicknamed "Elie"), working on the same Salburg Academy of the first game. The main gameplay mechanic remains the...
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    Atelier Marie Plus: The Alchemist of Salburg

    Atelier Marie Plus: The Alchemist of Salburg PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Marie no Atelier Plus: Salburg no Renkinjutsushi, マリーのアトリエプラス ~ザールブルグの錬金術士~

    Marlone is a student at the Royal School of Sorcery (known simply as "The Academy") in the city of Salberg. She's studying to become an alchemist, but her grades are, to put it lightly, not good. Unable to graduate, she is given a special exam: continue her studies while running...
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    Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg

    Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Marie no Atelier: Salburg no Renkinjutsushi, マリーのアトリエ ~ザールブルグの錬金術士~

    Marlone is a student at the Royal School of Sorcery (known simply as "The Academy") in the city of Salberg. She's studying to become an alchemist, but her grades are, to put it lightly, not good. Unable to graduate, she is given a special exam: continue her studies while running...
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    WWF in Your House

    WWF in Your House PlayStation 1

    WWF In Your House is a successor to WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game. Like its predecessor, it is a hybrid of wrestling game and arcade versus fighter, with over-the-top, unrealistic moves. Concept and presentation are similar to Mortal Kombat games: digitized sprites are used to represent the wrestlers, and the...
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    Godzilla Trading Battle

    Godzilla Trading Battle PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Gojira Torēdingu Batoru, ゴジラ トレーディングバトル

    Godzilla Trading Battle is a Japan-only, 1998 Playstation release that featured every monster ever created at that time. It was a board/card type strategy game that also included turn-based monster battles....
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    Street Fighter: The Movie

    Street Fighter: The Movie PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Street Fighter: Real Battle on Film, ストリートファイター リアル・バトル・オン・フィルム

    Street Fighter: The Movie is a 2D versus fighting game based on the movie of the same name, which in turn is based on the well known Capcom series, Street Fighter. Gameplay is similar to Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Select from a range of fighters...
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    Tempest X3

    Tempest X3 PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Tempest 2000

    Tempest X3 is a modern-day update to the original arcade game, Tempest. This game features three modes called Classic Tempest, Tempest X3, and Tempest Duel. Classic Tempest is the original arcade hit. Tempest Duel faces you off against a second player. Tempest X3 is an upgrade to the original featuring...
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    Epidemic PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Kileak: The Blood 2: Reason in Madness

    A lethal virus has centered the human race to life - and death - in this cursed hole beneath the planet's surface. You're alive, but a tyrannical regime sees to it there's little to live for. Your quest for freedom requires a strategic mind, impeccable speed, and the means to...
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    Hokuto no Ken (1995)

    Hokuto no Ken (1995) PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Hokuto no Ken, Fist of the North Star, 北斗の拳

    Hokuto no Ken is based on the anime series First of the North Star, continuing its plot. The story begins when Burt and Lynn are about to marry and Lynn is kidnapped by Jado (which resembles Jagger of the first series of Hokuto no Ken), a disciple of the "Dark...
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    Contra: Legacy of War

    Contra: Legacy of War PlayStation 1

    The first Contra game for the 32-bit consoles and released exactly 10 years after the first Contra. Unlike the original Contra and follow-ups, this is an overhead-view 2D shooter (with 3D graphics) that plays more like a side-scrolling Commando or Mercs. The graphics are truly 3D; an option allows you to...
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    MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual Stupidity

    MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual Stupidity PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Beavis and Butthead in Virtual Stupidity, MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head: Virtual Aho Shoukougun, ビーバス&バットヘッド ヴァーチャル・アホ症候群

    Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual Stupidity is a point-and-click adventure based on MTV's Beavis & Butt-head series. The player can control both characters as they attempt to join Todd's gang. Much of the gameplay consists of inventory-based puzzles. There are also a few mini-games and hidden music videos....
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    Initial D

    Initial D PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Initial D, 頭文字D

    Initial D, a popular long running manga series, has spawned not only an equally popular anime series and a live-action movie adaptation, but several video games over the years. The series' first appearance on home consoles occurred in 1999, a year after the series' videogame debut on the Game Boy,...
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    Sexy Parodius

    Sexy Parodius PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: セクシーパロディウス

    Sexy Parodius is the fourth game in the series. As one of the members of Parodius Team, you must stop a lecherous octopus and his army from hoarding a huge treasure mound for their own no-good deeds. Featuring several classic Parodius cast members (including sexy bunny sisters Hikaru and Akane,...
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    Gokujou Parodius Da! Deluxe Pack

    Gokujou Parodius Da! Deluxe Pack PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Gokujō Parodius Da! Deluxe Pack, 極上パロディウスだ! DELUXE PACK, Parodius

    Two great arcade games crammed onto one CD! Shoot 'em ups don't come any weirder than Parodius - dodge through waves of killer penguins, neon rabbits and 50ft tall dancing girls. An intense experience for one or two players....
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    One Piece: Grand Battle!

    One Piece: Grand Battle! PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: From TV Animation - One Piece: Grand Battle!, ワンピース グランドバトル!

    A boy named Monkey D. Luffy goes on a journey to become king of the pirates. During his journey he fights many foes and little by little gathers a strong and stable crew. This game is based on the East blue saga and Whiskey Peak Arc in the One Piece...
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    Paro Wars

    Paro Wars PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: パロウォーズ

    A very bizarre war simulation game which requires quite a lot of Japanese knowledge to play. The first Parodious turn-based strategy game, developed by the great KCET. The object of Paro Wars is to take control of an army (penguins, octopi, etc.) and battle other armies on various battlefields, all part...
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    Tales of Fandom Vol. 1

    Tales of Fandom Vol. 1 PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: テイルズ オブ ファンダム Vol.1

    Tales of Fandom Vol.1 is a compilation game for the Sony PlayStation. It includes gameplay that features characters and elements from Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Destiny, and Tales of Eternia. The game is set up as an adventure game with actual gameplay elements to explore and unlock extra bits....
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    Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels

    Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels PlayStation 1

    A huge and out-of-control derelict spaceship is racing towards the Imperial planet Delvar III. The honor has befallen the Blood Angels chapter of Imperial Space Marines to board this gargantuan Space Hulk, battle through hordes of Genestealer aliens, divert it from its course and save the planet from certain destruction....
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