Playstation 1
    Wizardry II: Knight of Diamonds

    Wizardry II: Knight of Diamonds PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Wizardry: Diamond no Kishi

    Included in Wizardry: Llylgamyn Saga. Are you ready to take the next step into the world of Wizardry? A step so dangerous, the mere utterance of a spell can decimate the entire city of Llylgamyn. Knight of Diamonds is the Second Scenario in the Wizardry Master Series, the fantasy role-playing simulation...
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    Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

    Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord PlayStation 1

    Included in Wizardry: Llylgamyn Saga. Are you ready to step into the world of Wizardry? Unmatched by any other fantasy role-playing game, the Wizardry Gaming System allows for unlimited combinations of strategies and tactics, so that each quest into the Maze is always fresh and interesting. Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord...
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    NFL Xtreme

    NFL Xtreme PlayStation 1

    REVOLUTIONARY 5-ON-5 GAMEPLAY: Arcade-style gameplay means the most intense, "in-your-face" NFL action with no rules or penalties. Everyone is eligible and there is no out of bounds. A wide-open field means tons of brutal tackles and big scoring plays. An addicting and wildly entertaining video game! UNBELIEVABLE GRAPHICS: A state of...
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    Gale Gunner

    Gale Gunner PlayStation 1

    Gale Gunner is a 3d action game in which the player takes the role of Gale Accel, an space explorer that have to complete missions exploring ruins in different planets. In those missions he has to use his mecha to defeat other enemies mechas that are also in the ruins. After...
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    Felony 11-79

    Felony 11-79 PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Runabout, ランナバウト

    In Felony 11-79 the player is a thief hired by an eccentric millionaire that wants them to acquire an ancient statue that has been broken into three pieces and scattered throughout the city. To obtain these pieces, the player must travel through these three areas (Downtown, Seaside, and Metro City)...
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    Vanishing Point

    Vanishing Point PlayStation 1

    It's a driving simulation so advanced and authentic it'll drive you mad. Comprehensive vehicle dynamics based on collaboration with industry engineers. Authentically licensed cars from manufacturers like Lotus, Aston-Martin, BMW, Alfa Romeo and more... One of the most advanced 3D driving engines ever developed. Is your mind ready for this...
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    Slots PlayStation 1

    Actual Casino Slot Machines from Bally Gaming! Play the most popular slots from the casino featuring the hottest games from Bally Gaming. Actual casino slot action can be found in these authentic replications playable on your Sony PlayStation. 40 of the best slot machines! - Roaring 20's - In the Money - Krazy Kops - Swing...
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    Saltwater Sportfishing

    Saltwater Sportfishing PlayStation 1

    Go below the surface and prepare to travel some of the most exotic fishing spots in the world. Prove your angling skills as you follow the fish to defeat the world's most experienced fishermen at their own game! Get your adrenaline pumping while fighting against the clock, to make sure...
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    Pinobee PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Pinobee no Daibouken, ピノビィーの大冒険

    Pinobee's Great Adventure! Help Pinobee save Grandpa Bee and defend the insect kingdom from Vestor's evil robot army! As a noble, robotic bumble bee, Pinobee uses dash attacks, shields, and special power-up items to help him on his quest. With countless hours of gameplay, Pinobee is fun for the whole family! -...
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    Off-World Interceptor Extreme

    Off-World Interceptor Extreme PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: オフワールド・インターセプター エクストリーム

    EXTREME CAR CRUSHING COMBAT! Switch on the fly between cockpit and chase views. Send a buddy to oblivion in two-player head-to-head mode. Hate cheesy video? So do we. Bust a gut watching two trash talkers smack the gratuitous video. Story mode offers 26 levels of brutality with password support. Blast across...
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    Battle Bugs

    Battle Bugs PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: バトル・バグス

    A very unique real-time strategy game. It's only semi-real-time, because it's possible to pause the action at any moment. The player commands 22 different insects in a long campaign (56 missions) against the computer-AI or a human opponent. The main objective of each battle is to either eradicate all of the...
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    '98 Kōshien

    '98 Kōshien PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: '98 Koushien, '98甲子園

    Choose one of the Koshien high schools and aspire to win the national high school baseball championship...
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    Geppy-X PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: 70's Robot Anime: Geppy-X

    Geppy-X is an affectionate parody of the Super Robot shows of old in the form of a Japanese 2D shooter for the Playstation spread across four discs. It revolves around the battle of the titular Getter Robo -style mecha, piloted by The Hero Kei, The Lancer Jin, and The Big...
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    ...Iru! PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: ・・・いる!

    ...Iru! is a first person survival horror game in the vein of Clock Tower and Echo Night in which you play as a young boy, trapped in a school with your schoolmates at night. As your friends are getting killed one by one, your goal is to escape this nightmare...
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    Warriors of Might and Magic

    Warriors of Might and Magic PlayStation 1

    Wrenched from the life he knew by unknown forces bent on his destruction, one man embarks upon a fateful journey of legendary proportions. Forced to wear a mask of shame, this renegade warrior sets out to learn the truth about himself and the world he is destined to save. As...
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    Criticom PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Criticom: Critical Combat, クリティコム -ザ・クリティカル コンバット-

    Criticom is a one-on-one fighting game where 8 diverse fighters from across the galaxy vie for a crystal artifact. The game features a sci-fi backstory that involves mystery and intrigue surrounding the crystal and each of the 8 fighters is given a unique storyline to explain why he or she...
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    Maximum Force

    Maximum Force PlayStation 1

    Time to lock and load, pal. Straight from arcades everywhere, here come Macimum Force, where it's you against elusive terrorists and you control the body count. You'll board helicopters, ATV's, underwater vehicles and shoot literally everything in sight. Gun down slimeballs on three completely different missions. Blast your way into...
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    Kurt Warner's Arena Football Unleashed

    Kurt Warner's Arena Football Unleashed PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Arena Football Unleashed

    Kurt Warner's Arena League Unleashed is a modified version of NFL Blitz set in the Arena Football League. Arena ball is a version of American football played indoors on a 50 yard field with nets behind each endzone and boards on the sidelines. KWALU is a six on six game...
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    X-Bladez: Inline Skater

    X-Bladez: Inline Skater PlayStation 1

    Skate through magnificent 3-D environments while performing tight tricks, like back-flips, flat spins, Bio 540's and Heel Grab's. Add to your qualifying points by pulling daring stunts to unlock additional levels. Grind ledges, benches and seawalls. Jump trashcans, mailboxes, and road signs. Grab a speed boost to increase your velocity...
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    Robotron X

    Robotron X PlayStation 1

    Save Humanity! In 2084, Mankind perfects The Robotrons, a robot species so advanced that humans are inferior to their own creation. Guided by their infallible logic, the Robotrons conclude: "The Human Race is inefficient and therefore must be destroyed." Start movin' because YOU are the last hope for mankind! - Tons of...
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    Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey '98

    Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey '98 PlayStation 1

    Take on "The Great One" again in this hot sequel to the smash hit voted "Best Sports Game" of '96! With more great features, such as new hidden teams and improved, hard-hitting AI, Gretzky '98 packs a wallop! Includes all 26 teams, each with 17 available players on their actual...
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    Qix Neo

    Qix Neo PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Simple 1500 Series Vol. 80: The Jintori - Volfied 1500, Jintori: Volfied 1500

    QIX Neo is a remake of Volfied, Taito's arcade game from 1989. The graphics and sounds were upgraded, but the basic gameplay remains the same, with the player controlling a tiny ship moving over a green contour line. The thin line is drawn over the edges of the screen, framing...
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    Block Kuzushi (1999)

    Block Kuzushi (1999) PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Block Kuzushi, Simple 1500 Series Vol. 14: The Block Kuzushi

    An overwhelming 100 types of block breaker is now here! Raise permeability with "Squash" and "Board Swaying" function. Have fun playing 2P co-play mode with a friend! The 50 boards in "Arrange Mode" all come with clear theme!! Clear them all and challenge the harder "Extra Mode"!!...
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    Olympic Summer Games: Atlanta 1996

    Olympic Summer Games: Atlanta 1996 PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Olympic Summer Games, Olympic Games: Atlanta 1996, Honoo no 15 Shumoku: Atlanta Olympic, 炎の15種目アトランタオリンピック

    Prepare Yourself For Competition! You've been selected to represent your country in the most prestigious atheletic event the world has ever known... The Olmypic Summer Games. Compete in 10 track, field and shooting events including the 110 meter hurdles, javelin throw, and archery competition. - Experience 10 challenging Olympic events: 100m Sprint,...
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    Jumping Flash! 2

    Jumping Flash! 2 PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Jumping Flash! 2: Aloha Danshaku Ooyowari no Kan, ジャンピングフラッシュ! 2 アロハ男爵大弱りの巻

    Little Muu has been bottled up by the menacing Captain Kabuki. Baron Aloha, once a foe, now turns to friend? Take a flying leap into the wickedly weird world of Robbit and plunge into the wildest 3D gaming experience ever imagined. Single, double and triple-jump your way through a madcap...
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    Arc Arena: Monster Tournament

    Arc Arena: Monster Tournament PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Arc the Lad: Monster Game with Casino Game

    Included in Arc the Lad Collection. Arc Arena: Monster Tournament is a spin-off from the Arc the Lad series and a bonus expansion to Arc the Lad II, as it uses the player's saves from the second game so the player can compete in the tournament with his monsters, visit shops,...
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    Speed Punks

    Speed Punks PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Speed Freaks

    This isn't about playing fair. It's about launching missiles, taking weasely shortcuts, blowing out tires and basically stooping to any level to humiliate your fellow driver. Meet the Speed Punks. They're a bunch of tarmac-tearin' racing maniacs who will always take the low road to victory....
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    Bass Rise

    Bass Rise PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Fishing Freaks: BassRise

    BASS RISE brings the action of fishing to the PlayStation. Pick the rods and lures that fit your fishing style and get ready to reel. While out on the lake, make new friends who will offer advice or a challenge; completing challenges opens new areas to fish. Every area requires...
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    New Horizons

    New Horizons PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Daikoukai Jidai II, 大航海時代Ⅱ

    Imagine a time when mighty navies controlled the seven seas, ruthless pirates searched for hidden treasures and scholars argued that the Earth was round. Now, picture yourself as a young explorer on a mission that will carry you to the four corners of the globe. Play the son of a Portuguese...
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    Soukaigi PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: 双界儀

    Mt. Fuji has split in half bringing forth the Garan who want to take control of Earth. The Garan's power is contained in red, yellow, and blue crystals. You control one of the chosen ones who were destined to fight and destroy the Garan. Gameplay is similar to that of Tenchu,...
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    Sitting Ducks

    Sitting Ducks PlayStation 1

    Sitting Ducks is a game based on the TV cartoon of the same name. In the world of Sitting Ducks lives Bill, a friendly but misunderstood duck. Bill is imaginative, quirky and adventurous. Bill's best friend meanwhile, is a big alligator named Aldo, who has a tough exterior but is...
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    Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet

    Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet PlayStation 1

    The third game in the Pajama Sam Series, part of the Humongous' popular "Junior Adventure" titles designed for children ages three to eight. You're playing Sam who once again assumes the role of Pajama Sam at times when he needs facing his fears. This time you suddenly find yourself in the...
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    Test Drive 6

    Test Drive 6 PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: 试验驾驶6

    The Ultimate Thrill Ride Over 40 unique real licensed vehicles - race both Supercars and classic Muscle cars. Now features cars from: Dodge, Ford, Jaguar, Toyota, Audi and many more! - High-impact collisions, huge jumps, and unpredictable cross-traffic - New economic racing system: purchase, upgrade and collect unique cars in your custom garage -...
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    To Heart

    To Heart PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: ToHeart, トゥハート

    To Heart is a romance simulation adventure game. This console and handheld version is a port of an adult visual novel for PC (Windows) with the same name, but with all the adult content removed. Additionally, this non-adult version contains three mini-games not available in PC version: ● Circle Triangle Square X:...
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    Hamster Club i

    Hamster Club i PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: ハムスター倶楽部-i

    Grow hamsters for one year while you are competing with your rivals. You can play against up to four friendly hamsters in races and fights, or even with i-mode communication....
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    Rocket Power: Team Rocket Rescue

    Rocket Power: Team Rocket Rescue PlayStation 1

    Rocket Power: Team Rocket Rescue is a game based on Nickelodeons Rocket Power cartoon. In the game, you take control of the popular characters Otto and Reggie Rocket, and their friends "Squid" and "Twister". The main focus of story mode is following their adventure to get the Rocket's father's board...
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    London Seirei Tantei-dan

    London Seirei Tantei-dan PlayStation 1

    London Serie Tantei-Dan is played through the eyes of a mischevious orphan, in the game the player get to relive his childhood along with his friend in a stunningly glorius London during the Victorian era that Miyazaki would be proud of. Not as well known as some of its rival...
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    Feda 2: White Surge the Platoon

    Feda 2: White Surge the Platoon PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: フェ-ダ2~ホワイト=サ-ジ・ザ・プラトゥ-

    Feda 2 is the sequel to the SNES game Feda the Emblem of Justice. In a fantasy world, a soldier from the imperial forces deserts after witnessing the massacre of innocent villagers by his unit. He is sent to jail to be executed, but manages to escape with the help...
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    Rayman Rush

    Rayman Rush PlayStation 1

    Featuring the cast of characters from the 3D platform title, Rayman 2: The Great Escape, Rayman Rush is a collection of multiplayer arenas where the goals range from racing the 3 other characters to the finish line to a battle royal fire fight. 24 maps are available in total, and...
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    Gunparade March

    Gunparade March PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Koukidou Gensou Gunparade March, 高機動幻想ガンパレード・マーチ, ガンパレード・マーチ

    Gunparade March is set against the backdrop of a long-running conflict between Earth and alien invaders referred to as Phantom Beasts that first invaded Earth in 1945 during World War II, bringing the war to a screeching halt as a new war began. The conflict has continued to the present...
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    Nightmare Creatures II

    Nightmare Creatures II PlayStation 1

    Assume the role of Herbet Wallace, an escaped test subject, on the trail of the demonic scientist, Dr. Adam Crowley. After enduring years of horrific lab experiments, Wallace is out to settle the score in a chilling and bloody chase through London and Paris. Little does he know that exacting revenge...
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    Forsaken PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: 浩劫餘生

    Earth has been rendered largely uninhabitable by an explosion caused by a bungled experiment. Few would dare to brave its unstable and searing environments - only those determined to grab a little of its remaining gold. You are one of those, taking your hover-bike into disintegrating caverns for a few...
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    Atari Anniversary Edition

    Atari Anniversary Edition PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Atari Anniversary Edition Redux

    The Atari Anniversary Edition features the following games: ● Asteroids ● Asteroids Deluxe ● Battlezone ● Black Widow ● Centipede ● Gravitar ● Missile Command ● Pong ● Space Duel ● Super Breakout ● Tempest ● Warlords In addition to the pure emulation modes, there is an option to display the cabinet art surrounding the display of each game, intended to give the...
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    Reikoku: Ikeda Kizoku Shinrei Kenkyuujo

    Reikoku: Ikeda Kizoku Shinrei Kenkyuujo PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: 霊刻 -池田貴族心霊研究所-

    You are a guest visitor to the Ikeda Aristocracy Research Institute. By exploring where no one is, you will experience an amazing phenomenon and get to know the spiritual world. The colored emotional spirit, the evil spirit, the poltergeist, the samurai spirit ... I'll show you all the psychic phenomena...
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    Mad Stalker: Full Metal Forth

    Mad Stalker: Full Metal Forth PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force, マッドストーカー フルメタルフォース

    Mad Stalker is a side-scrolling mecha-themed brawler in which the player controls a character piloting a giant mecha (called "Slave Gear" in the game), fighting hostile robots unleashed upon the city by an evil mastermind. The player can choose between three playable characters: Chico Rodrigues, Richard Winston, and Eve Lurdia,...
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    Love Love Torokko

    Love Love Torokko PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Love Truck 2, Love Love Truck

    A 3D action adventure featuring a truck where you have to find a legendary diamond. You will go through various levels such as silver mines or snowy mountains. You and a partner are on a cart and both of you can try to grab various power ups. Game Modes: - Single...
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    Happy Salvage

    Happy Salvage PlayStation 1

    Happy Salvage is a mix between a first person perspective adventure dating game and an action game. The game puts the player in the role of a young boy that lives in a small town in an island. He first has to go around the town and explore the island...
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    Boku no Natsuyasumi

    Boku no Natsuyasumi PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: ぼくのなつやすみ, My Summer Vacation

    The game revolves around Boku, a 9-year-old boy sent to his aunt and uncle in Japan's wooded countryside and the daily adventures he encounters there. Boku is there because his Mother is in her final month of pregnancy. The player controls him for the 31 days of August 1975 (In...
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    Planet Dob

    Planet Dob PlayStation 1

    An alien flying above Earth gets knocked unconscious after his ship crashes while avoiding a giant net. Scientists strap his passed out frame on a table and send a very unwilling subject (his glasses are shaped in the letters Y-O-U) into his mind to see what makes him tick. The absolutely...
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    Love & Destroy

    Love & Destroy PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: ラブアンドデストロイ

    Set in the near future, the plot depicts an alien invasion which nearly brings about human extinction. To save humanity, a scientist sends three remaining mechs and their robotic, female navigators back in time where they recruit the unnamed, male protagonist as a mech pilot to stamp out the invasion....
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