Playstation 1
    L no Kisetsu: A Piece of Memories

    L no Kisetsu: A Piece of Memories PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Lの季節 A piece of memories

    Main character works for school newspaper. One morning a student falls unconscious and after that the number of victims of the strange illness increases. The newspaper staff decide to start own investigation and find out what causes the illness....
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    Memories Off 2nd

    Memories Off 2nd PlayStation 1

    The protagonist is a 17-year-old student, Ken Inami, a soccer loving dude who aspires to go to film school. His girlfriend Hotaru Shirakawa also has high aspirations; having played piano ever since she was a child, she aims to go to music school. Ken and Hotaru have been dating for...
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    Memories Off

    Memories Off PlayStation 1

    It's a surprisingly bittersweet tale about a guy named Tomoya Mikami who actually was dating the girl of his dreams, Ayaka Hizuki, for a long time...only to have her die tragically a good while before the game starts. The game even begins with Tomoya having a flashback about Ayaka whilst...
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    Pool Hustler

    Pool Hustler PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Pool Palace, Doukyu: Billiard Master, 撞球 ビリヤードマスター

    Shoot in six shady pool halls with unique tables, cuesticks and local pros. Select from single and two-player modes, plus 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 14-1, and Rotation rules. Wager, win, and move on to tougher opponents in your quest to hustle all 12 underground champs - each with unique skills, playing abilities,...
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    Sol Divide

    Sol Divide PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: ソルディバイド

    Psikyo is coming back!! Vorg heard a rumor that the army of Satan was searching for treasures called Seirei stones which led him to think that the time for revenge has come. In addition, he also knows that one of the Seirei stones was entrusted secretly to King Silverna from Vorg's...
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    Darklight Conflict

    Darklight Conflict PlayStation 1

    Abducted from your fighter by an alien race, you're enlisted in the ultilmate battle. The Reptons and Ovons are locked in a deadly duel for supremacy, and you're the Repton's secret weapon. You've been genetically altered, making you one with your Repton craft. Now you must wage war against the Ovons while...
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    Woody Woodpecker Racing

    Woody Woodpecker Racing PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Woody Woodpecker no Go! Go! Racing, ウッディ·ウッドペッカー ノー ゴー!ゴー!レーシング

    Prepare for the wildest ride of your life as Woody Woodpecker and 8 of his friends bring their brand of comic mischief to the raceways. Join the sly bird himself, Winnie Woodpecker, Chilly Willy and more as they throw dynamite, dodge rotten tomatoes, and drop tire tacks in a high-speed...
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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule Breed & Battle

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule Breed & Battle PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Monster Capsule Breed & Battle, 遊☆戯☆王モンスターカプセル ブリード&バトル

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule: Breed and Battle primarily features characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. The player raises and trains Capsule Monsters to defeat opponents in a tournament. Opponents include Yugi Mutou, Katsuya Jonouchi, Anzu Mazaki, Mokuba Kaiba, Ryo Bakura, Sugoroku Mutou, Seto Kaiba and Dark Yugi. Monster Capsule: Breed and Battle...
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    NCAA Final Four 2001

    NCAA Final Four 2001 PlayStation 1

    The only college basketball game on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system in 2001, and the only basketball game to bring you real, live, 3D rendered cheerleaders! Take that to the bank, with your pressure D and jive-talking inside moves -- this game is calling those who say they're "keeping...
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    NCAA Final Four 2000

    NCAA Final Four 2000 PlayStation 1

    Improving from last year's mark NCAA Final Four 2000, once again, is the most complete NCAA basketball game of the year. With virtually every Division I team represented, you'll be sure not to miss any of the big games. Pick your team and track their progress. You can also check...
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    NCAA Final Four 99

    NCAA Final Four 99 PlayStation 1

    Run a variety of offensive and defensive schemes including zone, full court press, 1-3-1 zone, box set, motion and high post. Use the "6th Man Meter" to fire up the home crowd like the Cameron Crazies at Duke. Qualify for the NCAA Division 1 64 team tournament as a powerhouse...
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    NCAA Basketball Final Four 97

    NCAA Basketball Final Four 97 PlayStation 1

    Mindscape's 1997 installment in the NCAA basketball series, developed by High Voltage. The game features run-n-gun multiplayer gameplay. Play with up to eight other human players for the ultimate basketball experience. Get the best seat in the house by viewing the action from more than 10 different camera angles. NCAA...
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    Akagi: Touhaiden

    Akagi: Touhaiden PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Touhaiden Akagi, 闘牌伝アカギ

    Touhaiden Akagi (闘牌伝アカギ) is a mahjong game released exclusively in Japan in 1996 for consoles 3DO and PlayStation, was developed and published by the company Micronet. The game is based on a Japanese film of the same name launched in 1995 directly to video. The film itself is an adaptation...
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    AI Shogi

    AI Shogi PlayStation 1

    A computerized version of the classic Japanese board game Shogi. Players verse an AI opponent and try to beat them....
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    High Heat Major League Baseball 2002

    High Heat Major League Baseball 2002 PlayStation 1

    High Heat 2002 is the 3rd game in the "High Heat" series. Gone from the previous two games is the Sammy Sosa title. Like the previous games HH2002 is a total baseball simulator. You can set back and just manage your team or you can get right on the field...
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    Sammy Sosa High Heat Baseball 2001

    Sammy Sosa High Heat Baseball 2001 PlayStation 1

    Sammy Sosa High Heat Baseball 2001 is the third installment of the High Heat series from 3DO. The game features several modes of play which includes exibition, season, home run derby, playoffs, and custom league. The game also supports internet play over, MSN gaming zone, and Mplayer. The game covers...
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    High Heat Baseball 2000

    High Heat Baseball 2000 PlayStation 1

    High Heat Baseball 2000 is a baseball game which focuses on the simulation aspect. In comparison to its predecessor High Heat Baseball it now has an official license for the 1998 MLB season and uses a 3D graphic engine. Playing modes include exhibition matches, season (in varying lengths) , home run...
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    Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Banjoyuugi

    Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Banjoyuugi PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Banjyou Yuugi, 遙かなる時空の中で-盤上遊戯- Banjoyuugi

    Sometime after the first protagonist and her friends arrive in the parallel world, Shirin traps the White Dragon Priestess's soul within an eternal dream. The dreaming protagonist encounters three copies of herself, each claiming themselves to be parts of the priestess's divided conscious. Trapped in a replica of the capital...
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    Harukanaru Toki no Naka de

    Harukanaru Toki no Naka de PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: 遙かなる時空の中で

    On the first day of a new school term, high school student Akane Motomiya, her classmate Tenma Morimura, and their underclass friend Shimon Nagareyama are sucked into a mysterious old well. When they awake, they are in Kyō, another world that resembles Kyoto during the Heian Period. According to the young...
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    Ballerburg PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Ballerburg: Castle Chaos

    Ballerburg: Castle Siege is a real-time artillery strategy game influenced by an earlier game with the same name. The goal is to destroy the opponent's castle (or something else, as described in the mission briefing). To accomplish your mission, you have no armies to command - your only weapons are...
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    BRAHMA Force: The Assault on Beltlogger 9

    BRAHMA Force: The Assault on Beltlogger 9 PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: BRAHMA Force, Beltlogger 9, ベルトロガー9

    Beltlogger 9 is a mining colony on the edge of a black hole. Suddenly, Central Command loses contact with Beltlogger 9. To find out what has happened, the powers that be send the elite BRAHMA Force to investigate. As the squadron of mech warriors approaches the silent colony, they are...
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    Nectaris: Military Madness

    Nectaris: Military Madness PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Nectaris

    In Nectaris: Military Madness, it's up to you to save the Moon from the evil Xenon Empire. To free the Earth's lone satellite, you have a selection of futuristic military units at your disposal that will come in handy in battle. Each unit has its own advantages and disadvantages, which...
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    Shooter: Starfighter Sanvein

    Shooter: Starfighter Sanvein PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Starfighter Sanvein, Sanvein, ザンファイン

    Sanvein is a fast-paced top down shooter where time is of the essence and every moment counts. The main computer of the self-sufficient space colony Utopia, called St. Schutz, has gone haywire. The goal of the game is to escape from Utopia. The game plays very differently from a normal space...
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    Shooter: Space Shot

    Shooter: Space Shot PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Space Shot, Simple 1500 Series Vol. 35: The Shooting, SIMPLE1500シリーズ 35 The シューティング

    Ace fighter pilots Cyber, Nigo, and Wells have been sent on a mission by the Republic Special Forces to destroy a secret weapon before it is completed. Between missions the three pilots will chat about the status of the mission as well as other topics in FMV cutscenes. The player's craft...
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    Dirt Jockey

    Dirt Jockey PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Dirt Jockey: Heavy Equipment Operator, Kensetsu Kikai Simulator: Kenki Ippai!!, 建設機械シミュレーター KENKIいっぱい

    Dirt Jockey lets the players operate heavy machinery like dump trucks, wheel loaders, bulldozers and high-reaching cranes. There are four game modes: Qualification (play this to obtain licenses for operating specific machinery), Build (the goal is to build a huge Department store with the licensed machinery), Equipment Rodeo (challenge yourself...
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    Monster Seed

    Monster Seed PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Monsterseed, モンスターシード

    Monsterseed is a brand new type of monster - collection RPG. The player has to gather monster eggs, incubate them and then send their collection of different monsters into battle. The player controls Master Daniel, who is a ruler of monsters. With Daniel, you have to venture through a dungeon...
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    N.GEN Racing

    N.GEN Racing PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: NGEN Racing, Next Generation Racing

    Experience speed beyond your wildest dreams with the brand new underground sport: N.GEN Racing - the ultimate thrill. Battle your way through 5 different leagues, discover new prototypes, upgrade and enhance your jets, challenge adversaries and become the Premier Jet Jockey. Are you ready for a Mach 2 dash to...
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    Carnage Heart

    Carnage Heart PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: カルネージハート

    By 2073, war has evolved. The battle for domination is now a game fought on the moons of Jupiter by warrior mechs armed with deadly firepower. You control an army of cyber gladiators. More importantly, you design them, deal for parts, set up assembly lines and devise battle plans. When...
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    Big Strike Bowling

    Big Strike Bowling PlayStation 1

    Are you a pin punisher or a gutter lover? Take off your street shoes, buff up your ball, and step into the lanes of Big Strike Bowling. Choose from a horde of unique bowlers and head out to the craziest alleys ever conceived. strut your stuff, and nub all the...
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    ATV Mania

    ATV Mania PlayStation 1

    Looking for some hardcore racing competition? ATV Mania is what you need to get your fix of dirt in your face, high-flying, adrenaline action. If you think this is some ordinary racing game, think again. Choose from one of six renegade riders that are armed to the teeth, then race...
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    Blockids PlayStation 1

    Today you're going over the wall... but how far you go from there is up to you! choose one of eight cartoon characters and bounce, blast and batter your way past an array of formidable, fortress-like block barriers in Natsume's revolutionary 3-D twist on an arcade classic. Score points and...
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    Kickboxing PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Kickboxing Knockout, Simple 1500 Series Vol. 64: The Kickboxing, SIMPLE1500シリーズ Vol.64 THE キックボクシング

    Get in the ring and take on your crazy opponents in Kickboxing Knockout. Try and master the local, national and world championships across three weight classes. If you manage this, then there is another secret challenge to face. Using special moves, evasions and lots of rapid combos, you'll soon be...
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    Miss Spider's Tea Party

    Miss Spider's Tea Party PlayStation 1

    Eight games of fun, some learning too... There's so much fun for a spider's friend to do! Miss Spider's Tea Party invites children 3 to 7 years old to enter David Kirk's world of color and wonder. Eight games provide hours of fun with a healthy serving of age-appropriate basic skills practice....
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    Fighter Maker

    Fighter Maker PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: 3D Kakutou Tsukuru, 格闘ツクール

    It's here, the total 3D fighting game, Fighter Maker. Now you can have everything you've ever wanted in a fighting game - 3D fighting action, an arsenal of over 800 moves, AND professional-quality design tools that let YOU create YOUR own moves and build the perfect fighter. Fighter Maker puts...
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    Aquanaut's Holiday

    Aquanaut's Holiday PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Aquanaut no Kyuujitsu, アクアノートの休日

    Delve deep into an incredible aquatic canyon and discover the pleasures of an unforgettable experience. Voyage through an open-ended undersea journey and explore the wonders of this mysterious liquid world. In this game, players are put into the role of a submersible to explore the ocean depths at their leisure. Along...
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    Rosco McQueen: Firefighter Extreme

    Rosco McQueen: Firefighter Extreme PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Rosco McQueen, Fire Panic, ファイヤーパニック ~マックのレスキュー大作戦~

    As Rosco McQueen, you must save innocent people from the madman Sylvester T. Square--before he and his army of over a dozen types of destructive robots burn the world's tallest building to the ground. From backdrafts and flame-overs to electrical fires and choking smoke, you'll battle 12 kinds of fire...
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    Extreme Go-Kart Racing

    Extreme Go-Kart Racing PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Kart Race Kimete wa Drift!, Wai Wai Kart, カート・レース ~きめ手は・ドリフト!

    Compete against six go-kart racers from out of this world to determine who the best driver is. Grab turbo capsules to stay ahead of the pack. Avoid a myriad of obstacles set in place to thwart even the savviest of drivers. Power-slide around tight hairpin turns to set new record...
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    Bug Riders

    Bug Riders PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: BugRiders: The Race of Kings

    The King of Entymion, Leptus, is about to die. Rather than hold elections or keep the tradition of primogeniture, the next king will be chosen with a race. Not just any race, but a race in which the participants ride on giant bugs. Choose from 22 different contestants, each with...
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    Ballblazer Champions

    Ballblazer Champions PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: ボールブレイザー チャンピオンズ

    Fire it up sports fans, it's time to rumble! Part hockey, part racing and part total insanity. BALLBLAZER CHAMPIONS™ blasts you into a fiery future where the stakes are high and the competition fierce. So, jump into your rotofoil, grab the burning plasmorb and blaze it into your goal for...
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    Professional Underground: League of Pain

    Professional Underground: League of Pain PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: League of Pain, Riot

    When society's misfits and renegades banded together to create the sport of the future, they made it brutally simple. No refs. No rules. No penalties. Lots of fighting. Welcome to the Professional Underground League of Pain, where the goal is to charge the plasma ball and shoot it into the...
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    Speedball 2100

    Speedball 2100 PlayStation 1

    The year 2100, super corporations ruthlessly dominate the submissive masses. In a world where there are no wars and no crime, violence has become a sport. A sport with no rules, where only the strongest survive. Combining the fast, tactical nature of a sports simulation, and the satisfying limb-cracking of...
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    American Pool

    American Pool PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Billiard King, ビリヤード・キング

    So, you think you're a pool shark? Well, American Pool will test your skills to the max! Learn new trick shots in Training mode or go up against a friend or the computer in Pocket Game mode. When you're ready to take on the best, create your own character and...
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    Blast Radius

    Blast Radius PlayStation 1

    Angry and alienated, you are Kayne, the sole surviving warrior of the legendary Wolf Squadron. You have been approached by the Vorn, a benign race besieged by the brutal Kotan-Kai - in return for your flight and fighting skills, they will reward you with their most advanced craft and weapons....
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    Danger Girl

    Danger Girl PlayStation 1

    3rd person action-adventure has never been sexier with DANGER GIRL, the only videogame based on on the best-selling comic book series by J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell. Dare to take control of 3 beautiful yet leathal Danger Girls in an espionage-themed thrill-ride deemed to dangerous for any man to...
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    Tecmo Stackers

    Tecmo Stackers PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Dero-N Dero Dero, でろ~ん でろでろ

    Stackers is a fast and furious ADDICTIVE puzzle game of timing and skill that the whole family will love! Play against the computer or a friend in HEAD-TO-HEAD COMPETITIONS for the most mesmerizing strategy-action gaming around! Overload your opponent's side of the board while you keep your side clear. Connect 4...
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    Jigsaw Madness

    Jigsaw Madness PlayStation 1

    Pull yourself together with the jaw-dropping Jigsaw Madness--this game will have you shuffling, sorting and spinning pieces to reassemble up to 150 exciting and challenging jigsaws. Not only can you battle it out with a friend but you could choose to pit your wits against the computer to test who...
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    Bravo Air Race

    Bravo Air Race PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Air Race, Recipro Heat 5000, レシプロヒート 5000

    But only the best of the best have what it takes to complete in Bravo Air Race! Scream through wilderness vistas, fly by snow-capped mountain tops, scrape the walls of steel canyons in the heart of a modern metropolis and race against the world's finest pilots. Buckle up daredevils....
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    Action Bass

    Action Bass PlayStation 1

    Do you have what it takes to get the biggest bass in the pond on your hook? Do you know the right lures to use in ever changing water conditions? Can you battle the bass and lure im in? Or will he break the line and be the one that...
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    Wheel of Fortune: 2nd Edition

    Wheel of Fortune: 2nd Edition PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Wheel of Fortune 2

    See what it's like to be a contestant on America's game! Features: * Spin for all new fantasy prizes and solve 2,500 new puzzles. * Take a sample contestant exam. * Beat the clock in exciting new Bonus Rounds. * Unlock bonus interviews with Vanna White. * Watch backstage video clips and interviews. * Choose from all-new...
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    Puyo Puyo~n

    Puyo Puyo~n PlayStation 1

    Alternative Titles: Puyo Puyo~n: Kakkun to Issho, ぷよぷよ〜ん

    Puyo Puyo~n and Puyo Puyo~n Party together serve as the fourth game in the Puyo Puyo series, released in 1999. The game has a serious storyline, unlike other games, and a version that focuses more on multiplayer. The name comes from the word yon, meaning four. Yo~n featured skills that allows players...
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