Darksburg PC

    Darksburg is a cooperative roguelite action game where you must team up to escape the hordes of Infected that have decided to settle down in the quaint little town of Darksburg. Assume the role of one of the heroic Survivors each with their own unique skills and personalities, power them up...
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    Kainga PC

    Kainga is ancient village builder set in a fantasy world full of surprises. Adaptation is key where weather events, massive beasts or other tribes can easily erase you from history. Every time you play, your village's culture, technology, and look will be different depending on your surroundings, environment, climate, altitude...
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    Manor Lords

    Manor Lords PC

    Upcoming medieval strategy game for PC that combines deep, organic and realistic city building with large scale, tactical battles. ORGANIC CITYBUILDING Manor Lords aims to provide a gridless, organic city-building experience with full freedom of placement and rotation, but utilizing snapping tools to make the planning more comfortable. The building mechanic is motivated...
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    Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen

    Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen PC

    Realms Beyond is a classically inspired fantasy role-playing game with turn-based combat and a party system that allows you to control up to six characters at any one time. Whether you yearn for an open world to explore at your own pace, tactical combat that allows you to plan your...
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    Gatewalkers PC

    Gatewalkers is a cooperative survival game with action RPG elements, where players travel across different worlds in order to save their own. Explore procedurally generated worlds, face hostile inhabitants, face challenges like extreme weather conditions, toxic atmosphere, lack of water and more. Key features: TEAM CO-OP As a Gatewalker, one of the chosen...
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    Blightbound PC

    The world lies in peril. Decades ago, a band of legendary warriors slayed the dreaded Shadow Titan after a long and ferocious struggle, but their celebration was short-lived. The Shadow Titan’s true intentions revealed themselves when from his broken husk flowed the Blight; a corrupting fog that alters any living...
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    The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores

    The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores PC

    BUILD -A survival strategy game where you build, craft, gather resources during the day. -Place buildings and design your own city layouts. -The positioning of these buildings can be vital to manage certain resources and affects gameplay. SURVIVE -Defend your settlement from monsters like wolves, chupacabra, spiders, and Tribal enemies. -Different bosses for each enemy...
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    Pelagos: Rise of Greece

    Pelagos: Rise of Greece PC

    Goal Pelagos: Rise of Greece is an upcoming city builder game with RTS elements. Our goal is to recreate the retro gaming experience for modern gamers. Place Greece, 800 B.C.E. Story introduction Your friend, the king, gives you a small fleet to go and found a new colony across the sea. Tragically, a storm hits and...
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    Dark Envoy

    Dark Envoy PC

    "What do you see when you look in the mirror, Kiros?” “I see a world where the strong prey on the weak, where virtues like honor and justice are just a myth. I see our world but it is a bad place, Kaela… and we are part of it now.” Dark Envoy...
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    The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos

    The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos PC

    Are you ready to dive into a tactical RPG chock-full of charm, humor and crazy characters?! They are clumsy, inexperienced and feisty but...they’ll have to endure each other’s company to get the dungeon’s treasure. However, a feeling of déjà-vu quickly arises... Guide this team of unlikely heroes in an adventure full of humor...
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    Blood of Steel

    Blood of Steel PC

    How will YOU claim victory in battles fought with cold hard steel? Troop organization and cunning strategies for engaging the enemy are of utmost importance. That's what is key in Blood of Steel: to gain the strategic advantage and crush the enemy beneath your fist, you must first familiarize capability...
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    Nordic Warriors

    Nordic Warriors PC

    Inspired by the classic "Myth" series, Nordic Warriors is a Real Time Tactical game set in a world descending into an existential struggle for survival. You'll need smart strategy combined with tactical skills to survive the onslaught of undead hordes and their sorcerer allies. Come face to face with heroes,...
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    Dynasty of the Sands

    Dynasty of the Sands PC

    Dynasty of the Sands An Ancient Egyptian City Builder – focusing on Survival, Expansion and Creativity. From humble beginnings, build a paradise along the banks of the Nile and let your people prosper. To achieve such a feat, a grand city, abundant resources and careful planning will be required. You start from humble...
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    Sumerians PC

    Sumerians is a city building game inspired by the history of the third millennium BC in Mesopotamia, a time of great urban growth and development of the Sumerian city-states. -Start the game with a small settlement near a river. Your citizens will grow their own food and will get the products...
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    Partisans 1941

    Partisans 1941 PC

    A new approach to the stealth tactics genre: Partisans 1941 combines stealth, action, resource management and base-building elements. Take control of a group of Partisans resisting the German occupation Eastern Front during World War II. Plan and initiate combat your way. Use tactical pause, study the environment and choose the best...
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    Builders Of Egypt

    Builders Of Egypt PC

    Builders of Egypt is an economic type of city-building taking place in the valley of the Nile. The story starts in a little-known protodynastic period in which you will be able to observe the birth of the Old Egypt and finished with the death of Cleopatra VII. The most important aspect...
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    The Waylanders

    The Waylanders PC

    The Waylanders is a classic party-based RPG featuring some of the top-talents who brought well-known titles within the genre like the Dragon Age, Mass Effect or Pillars of Eternity sagas. The first meeting between the Celts and their gods, the Tuatha de Danaan should have been a time of celebration and...
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    This Strange Realm Of Mine

    This Strange Realm Of Mine PC

    This Strange Realm Of Mine is a First Person Shooter mixed with poetry and psychological horror. Graphic style is 3D mixed with pixel art. Start off by creating yourself, then die. In REALM you explore your afterlife. On your quest you'll find characters in different situations, with their problems and thoughts on...
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    Trackmania (2020)

    Trackmania (2020) PC

    Alternative Titles: Trackmania

    Experience the thrills of racing and the joy of creation with Trackmania! Choose among three levels of access to discover all the game has to offer and dive into the most compelling remake of the legendary Trackmania Nations. Play in an online multiplayer environment or solo against ghosts of players. Improve...
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    Cake Mania 3

    Cake Mania 3 PC

    Join Jill on a delicious new adventure as she travels through time to rescue her wedding guests! As Jill Evans nervously prepares for her big wedding day, disaster strikes when a mysterious ‘timebender’ crashes to the floor. As her friends and family rush to pick up the shattered pieces, her loved...
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    Unholy Circle

    Unholy Circle PC

    Unholy Circle is the game accompanying CatGhost 4 Circle. In it, the player controls a character defending a village from ghosts while collecting candles. The goal is to defend five structures (a graveyard in the bottom left, a mine in the bottom right, a campsite in the top right, a court...
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    Cake Mania 2: Jill's Next Adventure!

    Cake Mania 2: Jill's Next Adventure! PC

    Alternative Titles: Магазинчик сладостей

    Cake Mania 2 is the sequel to Cake Mania. Jill heads back into the bakery to help our her friends with their confection-related issues. The game mechanics are the same as the first game. Every day, customers come into Jill's bakery and order cakes. You must bake cakes by putting...
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    Catacomb Explorers

    Catacomb Explorers PC

    Catacomb Explorers is an Action Adventure game, developed and published by Nikita Bevzenko, which was released in 2016....
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    Cake Mania: Main Street

    Cake Mania: Main Street PC

    Alternative Titles: Cake Mania 4: Main Street

    Take a trip back to Jill Evans'™ hometown of Bakersfield in Cake Mania Main Street™, the highly anticipated fourth chapter in one of the most popular time management series of all time! Help Jill and her closest friends earn enough money to revitalize Main Street by opening, managing, and upgrading four...
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    Defence PC

    Defend the land from the ghosty looking orbs that came out of nowhere!...
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    Cake Mania

    Cake Mania PC

    Alternative Titles: Cake Mania Deluxe, Meine kleine Kuchenbäckerei

    Jill is a young baker who acquired her passion for baking from her grandparents in their bakery, Evans Bakery. When she returned from culinary school, she discovered Evans Bakery closed down because a "Mega-Mart" moved in. Jill decides to show the mega corporation what her family's baking is all about...
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    Monster Match

    Monster Match PC

    In this fast-paced, action puzzle game, you will need to defend your home against a band of heroes intent on ending your un-life and taking your treasure. As heroes assault your domain, you will need to combine essence in order to summon monsters for defense. Match 3 of the same type...
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    War Wind II: Human Onslaught

    War Wind II: Human Onslaught PC

    Alternative Titles: War Wind II: Die Invasion, Human Onslaught

    After many years of war, much has changed on the world of Yavaun. Humans, reluctant colonists, are now part of the cultural diversity of this alien world. Factions have formed over the decades since the humans appeared. The Overlord Factions includes the allied forces of Tha'roon and Obblinox. The SUN...
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    Not in my Crapper

    Not in my Crapper PC

    Dan's had it! Time after time he has put up with family interrupting him while he is taking a crap but when aliens from Toiletron invade his bathroom it's no more mr. niceguy. Defeat turdzonians and their leaders and restore peace to Dan's bathroom. Collect steaks to purchase upgrades for...
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    War Wind

    War Wind PC

    Alternative Titles: 烽火连天

    The Ancient, alien world of Yavain teeters on the brink of anarchy as the winds of change threaten to blow civilisation asunder! For centuries, four diverse races have tolerated a precarious balance of power. But the time has come for change. A new order is in the wind - AND...
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    Potion Commotion

    Potion Commotion PC

    You drank more and more magic potions without realizing it was making the world worse. Now it's out of control and you must find the crystals to get the rampant magic under control. Watch out for the cute monsters that want to inconvenience you as you run, jump, and bounce...
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    Christmas Commotion

    Christmas Commotion PC

    You wanted to bring some magic into the festive season, but everything went wrong and there was an explosion. Now you have to collect all the decorations and presents! Watch out for the Polar Bears you upset as you run, jump, and bounce your way around this cute little world!...
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    Crikeymas PC

    Alternative Titles: CRIKEYMAS, ZIK'S CRIKEYMAS

    Welcome! This is the early prototype build of my game CRIKEYMAS™, A game where you swing your giganticular hamer & bash around the levels to your victory. Your main objective in each level is to reach the exit elevator, alive. Along the way, You'll meet various stuffs like your enemies, presents, healing......
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    Dweller's Empty Path

    Dweller's Empty Path PC

    Yoki wakes up from a nightmare and has some difficulty falling back asleep, so she decides to go on a short walk to clear her mind. As you play as Yoki, you can choose to end the game at any time by returning to her bed and attempt another shot...
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    Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman

    Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman PC

    Alternative Titles: Reaper - Tale of a Pale Swordsman

    Enter the world ripe with magic and monsters. Become the Black Swordsman and slay thousands of enemies in an epic action RPG! War broke between the industrious Imperium and the savage tribes of Wilderness. Demons and carrions have returned to the land. Play all sides and make your own decisions. Take countless...
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    Devolverland Expo

    Devolverland Expo PC

    Devolverland Expo is a first-person 'marketing simulator' set within an abandoned convention center after the annual Devolver Digital game expo was mysteriously canceled. Break into the convention center and avoid the advanced security systems to watch and retrieve all the trailers, gameplay demo videos, and other secrets lost in the...
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    Townscaper PC

    Build quaint island towns with curvy streets. Build small hamlets, soaring cathedrals, canal networks, or sky cities on stilts. Block by block. No goal. No real gameplay. Just plenty of building and plenty of beauty. That's it. Townscaper is an experimental passion project. More of a toy than a game. Pick colors...
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    Jack N' Jill DX

    Jack N' Jill DX PC

    Once upon a time, Jack and Jill, went up the hill, to fetch a pail of water. It didn’t particularly end well for them, and to be honest, things aren’t exactly great for another Jack and Jill either. In Jack N’ Jill DX, players must assume the role of Jack, overcoming...
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    Touhou Big Big Battle

    Touhou Big Big Battle PC

    Alternative Titles: 东方大战争

    Train your army, explore a variety of skills, and push down your enemies! Control your protagonist, hoard the points, storm the battlefield with your spell cards! Develop your unique deck and strategy, crush your opponent with wisdom! ● Strategic Battles! Explore various combinations of units and skills, and lead your massive army to the...
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    Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection

    Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection PC

    Alternative Titles: Samurai Spirits NeoGeo Collection, サムライスピリッツネオジオコレクション

    The ULTIMATE collection is here! It all began in ’93, and now, the weapon-based fighting game series that swept the world is ready to be taken home in a new stellar collection! Six NEOGEO titles as well as one mysterious, unreleased game are featured! Each game features Online Battle Modes as...
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    Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2

    Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 PC

    Koji Igarashi and Inti Creates are back with more retro sword-and-whip action! Curse of the Moon 2 brings classic 2D action and a dark, 8-Bit aesthetic together with modern playability. The multi-scenario structure of the previous title returns with an epic new story supervised by IGA (Koji Igarashi) himself. Players take...
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    Scary Tales Vol. 1

    Scary Tales Vol. 1 PC

    SCARY TALES VOL 1 - After a late Friday night of partying, you wake up to a strange package at your door. Four mysterious tapes you don't remember ordering. Will you dare to watch them? Four of the scariest Puppet Combo shorts in one shocking...
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    Pet the Pup at the Party

    Pet the Pup at the Party PC

    you are at a house party. you do not know anybody. but legend tells of a ~very good puppo~ hiding somewhere in this house! the clock is ticking and you’re running out of small talk… can you find the pup at the party??...
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    Cosmic Rochambo

    Cosmic Rochambo PC

    A game of cosmic battle. Ram your opponent out of the ring, into oblivion. Attack? Parry? Dodge? Ro-Cham-Bo....
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    Wide Ocean Big Jacket

    Wide Ocean Big Jacket PC

    An aunt and uncle take their middle-school niece and her boyfriend on an overnight camping trip in WIDE OCEAN BIG JACKET Take part in a classic camping trip: Roast hot dogs on the fire, go birdwatching, tell ghost stories, grab a beverage from the cooler and do cartwheels on the beach. WOBJ...
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    Pongo PC

    Pongo is a 3D action platformer that combines pogo stick jumps with strategic FPS combat. Grab your Pongo, a tool usable as either a pogo stick or a gun, to obliterate enemies and traverse the vast islands of Flubber. Balance rapid movement and high jumps with challenging combat, hordes of...
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    Steelrising PC

    King Louis XVI's automata army is terrorising the citizens of Paris. Join the Revolution as Aegis, fight against this reign of terror and try to change the course of history!...
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    Modular Combat

    Modular Combat PC

    Modular Combat is a role-playing shooter based in the Half-Life universe, that has been out since 2008. The Resistance, Combine, and Aperture Science are testing the HEV Mark VI Combat System. Combatants face off against each other, and monsters, in the Controlled Combat Testing Facility, which is monitored by a super-computer...
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    Far Cry 6

    Far Cry 6 PC

    Welcome to Yara, a tropical paradise frozen in time. As the dictator of Yara, Anton Castillo is intent on restoring his nation back to its former glory by any means, with his son, Diego, following in his bloody footsteps. Their ruthless oppression has ignited a revolution. FIGHT FOR FREEDOM Play as Dani...
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    Haunt the House: Terrortown

    Haunt the House: Terrortown PC

    A side-scrolling action puzzle game starring ghosts! ...What was that sound? Is somebody there? Leave the dusty halls of an abandoned clock tower to haunt your way through a town in the dead of night! Possess objects with your ghostly soul, to scare people away from a museum, a hospital, a theatre...
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