Spelunker MSX

    Alternative Titles: スペランカー

    Wander through miles of uncharted caves in search of the legendary underground pyramid and its vast treasures. To complete your adventure, you will swing from ropes and ladders, run across unstable terrain and down ravines, operate elevators, mining carts and rafts. You will collect keys, bombs, flares, jewels, sacks of...
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    The Return of Ishtar

    The Return of Ishtar MSX

    Alternative Titles: Ishtar no Fukkatsu

    The sequel to Namco's own The Tower of Druaga. It's been a while since Gilgamesh, the Golden Knight, went to the tower to defeat the demon Druaga with the help of the goddess Ishtar. But when the magic that contained the evil in the tower weakened, many monsters escaped and...
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    The Tower of Druaga

    The Tower of Druaga MSX

    Alternative Titles: Druaga no Tou, ドルアーガの塔

    You control a heroic knight, who is actually prince Gilgamesh, who must attempt to rescue the maiden from the demon Druaga. You are armed with a sword and shield to attack and defend. You move from floor to floor, which are constructed as mazes, searching for the key; this key...
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    Ankoku Shinwa: Yamato Takeru Densetsu

    Ankoku Shinwa: Yamato Takeru Densetsu MSX

    Alternative Titles: 暗黒神話・ヤマトタケル伝説

    The game is based on old Japanese legends about Yamato Takeru, a legendary hero of ancient Japan. The game starts when Yamato Takeru is a thirteen-year-old boy. His father was killed under mysterious circumstances. Searching his things, the boy found a postcard that gave him his first clue for the...
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    Harrier Mission

    Harrier Mission MSX

    Alternative Titles: Jump Jet, Sea Harrier

    Depending on your skill, confidence and courage, you have the choice of remaining near the landing pad, learning to hover and land, or venturing higher to practice your approaches. When you think you have mastered these, then accelerate the Jump Jet into an attack fighter. Use the radar and range...
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    Bank Panic

    Bank Panic MSX

    As a gunslinger, it's your job to protect a bank from bandits while taking care not to shoot innocent customers. The bank has 12 doors in front of 12 teller windows, with only three doors visible at a time. Shooting is done simply by pressing one of the three buttons...
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    007: License to Kill

    007: License to Kill MSX

    Alternative Titles: License to Kill

    A "James Bond" action/arcade game based on the movie with the same name. Your aim is to avenge the death of Felix Leiter, who was killed by the drug baron Sanchez. Technically the game consists of several different vertical scrolling action sequences. In each stage you must fly, drive or walk...
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    The Living Daylights

    The Living Daylights MSX

    Alternative Titles: James Bond 007 in The Living Daylights: The Computer Game, James Bond 007: The Living Daylights

    The Living Daylights is a side-scrolling action game which features eight levels of gameplay, centered around the Timothy Dalton movie of the same name. Beginning with a "training" mission in Gibraltar, Bond then assists General Koskov's defection to the West, rescues a Bond girl, fights off henchmen, and takes on...
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    A View to a Kill: The Computer Game

    A View to a Kill: The Computer Game MSX

    Alternative Titles: A View to a Kill

    You are James Bond and you must stop Max Zorin from destroying Silicon Valley and dominating the microchip market. This game will take you to Paris and San Francisco. In Paris you will need to chase Mayday in your vehicle as she parachutes down to her extraction point. In San...
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    Inindo: Way of the Ninja

    Inindo: Way of the Ninja MSX

    Alternative Titles: Inindo: Datou Nobunaga, 伊忍道 打倒信長

    You're a young ninja hungry for adventure and revenge. Travel on foot or by boat to famous training grounds where you will learn Ninjutsu, the secret art of stealth fighting! Use your trusty sword, throwing stars or even magic spells against vicious monsters inside Japan's treacherous dungeons. As spying and sabotage...
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    Paste-Man Pat

    Paste-Man Pat MSX

    Alternative Titles: Pasteman Pat

    Pat Splatt, the best poster paster in Groove-Town, has his work cut out for him. After spending all day yesterday putting up posters he has found out that his rival, Nasty Norville has messed them up. You play as Pat as he attempts to put the posters back to normal...
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    SD Snatcher

    SD Snatcher MSX

    Alternative Titles: SDスナッチャー

    The year is 2042, the stage is a huge futuristic city Neo Kobe. Among the remains of passengers who died in a plane crash, experts discovered a strange biomechanical organism. Recent events proved that it was not the only appearance of a "snatcher" -a robotic creature who can masterfully disguise...
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    Army Moves

    Army Moves MSX

    Army Moves is a one-player game which is divided into two parts. In part one, you drive a jeep and must avoid collision with other jeeps and being shot at by helicopters. Then, you fly around in a helicopter and the oject is to bring down airplanes without being shot...
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    Angel Nieto Pole 500

    Angel Nieto Pole 500 MSX

    Angel Nieto Pole 500 is a motorcycle game based on the 500cc World Championship, starring the Spanish legend Angel Nieto (13 World Championship titles in the 50cc and 125cc classes between 1969 and 1984). This game allows to choose between various number of game modes with the primary target to beat...
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    Arctic MSX

    Arctic is an action puzzle game that describes itself as "active rail playing". Each of more than two-dozen stages consists of a set of rails in various arrangements, often looping around each other and splitting in various directions. Each stage contains a number of colored balls which begin in corresponding...
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    Arcticfox MSX

    In 2005, aliens have taken over Antarctica. You are sent in to combat them with the new super tank, the Slye-Hicks MX-100, Codename: Arcticfox. Arcticfox is a futuristic-based 3D tank simulation game where your overall goal is to destroy the invading aliens' main fortress before Arcticfox is destroyed. Enemy targets come in...
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    Operation Europe

    Operation Europe MSX

    Alternative Titles: Europa Sensen, ヨーロッパ戦線

    The World's About To Change! The year is 1939 and Hitler's war machine is rumbling across Europe. Here's your chance to plot the strategies that will either stop the Axis in its tracks or carry it to victory. Take part in the war in Africa, the famous tank battles at Kursk, Battle...
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    Uncharted Waters

    Uncharted Waters MSX

    Alternative Titles: Daikoukai Jidai, 大航海時代

    Climb aboard your flagship and set sail! As a young Portuguese captain, you are in search of fortune and fame. With your first mate at the helm, navigate the way to distant lands and legendary riches. Port ho! Cast anchor in a new land and barter with stubborn merchants for exotic-spices...
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    Mr. Do! Run Run

    Mr. Do! Run Run MSX

    Alternative Titles: Do! Run Run, Super Pierrot, スーパーピエロ

    This game is the sequel to Mr. Do's Wild Ride and the fourth title in the "Mr. Do!" series. You control Mr. Do, a clown, and guide him trough a field with varying elevation levels, with balls placed on it. You must collect those balls to replenish your weapon, a...
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    Mr. Do!'s Wild Ride

    Mr. Do!'s Wild Ride MSX

    Alternative Titles: Mr. Do's Wild Ride

    Mr. Do in a roller coaster, this time. You have try to reach the top of the rollercoaster. As the objects speed around the track, you must escape by climbing up small ladders scattered about the track. Two icons at the end of the level range from cakes to EXTRA...
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    Mr. Do!'s Castle

    Mr. Do!'s Castle MSX

    Alternative Titles: Mr. Do vs. The Unicorns

    MR. DO! is in a bit of a bind - again! This time, a pack of pesky unicorns is trampling the bricked hallways of his castle. Help MR. DO! rid his dwelling of these crafty, quick-changing (and deadly!) creatures with the skillful swing of a hammer. Sometimes a quick clobber...
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    Mr. Do!

    Mr. Do! MSX

    Alternative Titles: ミスタードゥ

    You need strategy and fast moves to help MR. DO! harvest the fruit from his orchards and avoid getting caught by the evil Badguys or Alphamonster! Throw your Power Ball to knock them out, or drop apples on them. Pick all the cherries or eliminate the Badguys and you can...
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    Desperado 2

    Desperado 2 MSX

    In Desperado 2, the sequel to Gun.Smoke, the player is Marshall James, a sheriff sent by the State of Texas to restore order to the corrupt and violent town of Devil Stone. The game is divided into two parts. The first one is a side-scrolling run'n gun game in the style...
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    Gun.Smoke MSX

    Gun.Smoke by Capcom takes you back to the days of the Gold Rush, to a small, bustling mining town of the Old West. Ruthless gold-stealing bandits are terrorizing the townsfolk and it's up to you to stop them! The thieves are notorious killers, and when they challenge you to a...
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    Valis II

    Valis II MSX

    Alternative Titles: Mugen Senshi: Valis II, Valis: The Fantasm Soldier II

    From the ashes of your ravaged homeland, the legendary sword Valis calls out to you. Its power transforms you into a ferocious warrior against the evil forces of King Magus. Crush Zarooga, the fearsome red dragon! Battle the unspeakabe Death Pod! But beware! Magus has sworn a blood oath to...
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    Howard the Duck

    Howard the Duck MSX

    Alternative Titles: Howard the Duck: Adventure on Volcano Island

    Your two best friends Phil and Beverly have been captured by a dark overlord! He is keeping them captive in an active volcano, and you need to rescue them. As Howard the Duck, master of Quack Fu, you need to make your way through the maze-like landscapes, and jump or...
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    Questprobe featuring Spider-Man

    Questprobe featuring Spider-Man MSX

    Alternative Titles: Spider-Man

    The second Questprobe adventure moves on from the 'verb noun' command interface of The Hulk and allows fuller sentence inputs. The in-game graphics also see some degree of advancement. You play Spider-Man, Peter Parker's crime-fighting alter-ego, as he takes on Mysterio, who can block out Parker's Spidery senses using his...
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    Donkey Kong

    Donkey Kong MSX

    Can you save Mario's girl from the clutches of Donkey Kong? Donkey Kong has kidnapped Mario's girlfriend Pauline and taken her to the top of a construction site. It's up to you to help Mario save Pauline before time runs out. But it won't be easy. Donkey Kong will do...
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    Teitoku no Ketsudan

    Teitoku no Ketsudan MSX

    Alternative Titles: 提督の決断

    Relive the entire Pacific campaign of WWII. You have the incredible opportunity to command either the Allied or Japanese forces. Challenge history and change the outcome of the great sea and air battles of the day, such as Pearl Harbor, the Battle at Midway and Okinawa! Assemble warships into fleets and...
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    Nobunaga no Yabou: Bushou Fuuunroku

    Nobunaga no Yabou: Bushou Fuuunroku MSX

    Alternative Titles: 信長の野望 武将風雲録

    Lord Nobunaga is out to take control of Japan and along the way he plans on making lots of trouble for those around him. As a young daimyo with your own ambitions, here's your chance to plot strategies that will get you past Lord Nobunaga and the obstacles he has in...
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    Dead of the Brain: Shiryou no Sakebi

    Dead of the Brain: Shiryou no Sakebi MSX

    Alternative Titles: Nightmare Collection: Dead of the Brain - Shiryō no Sakebi, デッド・オブ・ザ・ブレイン

    The day began with great news: the genius scientist Dr. Cooger phoned his friend, a young man named Cole, and told him that he has, in fact, invented a medicine that resurrects living beings! So, where's the catch? Well, there seems to be a tiny problem... the resurrected creature turns...
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    Flicky MSX

    A female blue jay, named Flicky, must collect her chicks and lead them safely back to their nest, while they are chased by two cats. The cats make her chicks wandering off and try to eat her! Each level offers about a dozen objects like watering cans, hammers, and cups,...
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    Fantasy Zone

    Fantasy Zone MSX

    Alternative Titles: ファンタジーゾーン

    Imagine the wildest, wackiest place in the Universe and you've got Fantasy Zone! As Opa-Opa, a living spaceship, you'll marvel at the incredible landscapes filled with the strangest creatures. Watch out! They may look cute and innocent, but they're Menons, nasty aliens that have overrun the eight planets that make...
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    Gradius 2

    Gradius 2 MSX

    Alternative Titles: Nemesis 2, グラディウス2

    n the year 6664 Dr. Venom, the director of the Space Science Agency, was exiled to the planet Sard for his involvement in a failed rebellion and illegal scientific activities. One year later, he joined forces with the Bacterion invaders, escaped Sard, and took control of the space surrounding the...
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    Auf Wiedersehen Monty

    Auf Wiedersehen Monty MSX

    Alternative Titles: Au Revoir Monty

    In Monty On the Run the intrepid coal thief Monty Mole fled to the rocky island of Gibraltar. However, the Intermole agency is on to him, and his only hope of escape is to trek across Europe, collecting enough cash to buy the Greek island of Montos and live there...
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    Moon Patrol

    Moon Patrol MSX

    Alternative Titles: Patrulha Lunar, ムーンパトロール

    Moon Patrol is a side-scrolling game where the player must drive a moon buggy from one station on the Moon to another, all while avoiding crashing or getting destroyed by alien ships. The vehicle is constantly moving right and the player can speed up or slow down, jump, and shoot...
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    Rastan MSX

    Alternative Titles: Rastan Saga, ラスタンサーガ

    You are Rastan, an iron muscled barbarian from the cold northlands. A bounty hunter by trade, you fear no man or dark, slavering beast! For you are a master of every edged weapon. Now, a king has given you a quest. Rescue his daughter from the deepest reaches of Semia;...
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    Ring King

    Ring King MSX

    Alternative Titles: Family Boxing, ファミリーボクシング

    Ring King is a boxing game in which the action in the ring is viewed in a 3D top-down view and a full range of moves is provided, with the standard jabs complimented by body punches and the ability to dodge, duck or raise your guard. Each punch weakens your opponent's...
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    Masters of the Universe: The Movie

    Masters of the Universe: The Movie MSX

    The Cosmic Key has fallen through time and space and landed on Earth. Find it before Skeletor does or Eternia and the universe will suffer. This is an adaption of the motion picture Masters of the Universe. You, as He-Man, must find the eight chords to the Cosmic Key. Along the...
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    Cloud Master

    Cloud Master MSX

    Alternative Titles: Chuka Taisen, 中華大仙, 中华大仙

    You play a small character who floats about on a cloud and shoots small balls of energy at bad guys who fly at you from the left and right of the screen. You can collect powerups and visit shops to upgrade your offensive and defensive powers. Some parts of the game...
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    Toobin' MSX

    Toobin' involves Biff and Jet racing their way down the rapids of a river, riding on tires. You rotate your tyre left or right, and drift as the current sends you, making sure to avoid the banks of the river, and the dividing lines in the middle. Hazards include crocodiles,...
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    Adventure Island

    Adventure Island MSX

    Alternative Titles: Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima, 高橋名人の冒険島

    You just found out that Princess Leilani was kidnapped by the Evil Witch Doctor and taken to Adventure Island in the South Pacific. You land on Adventure Island without weapons or food. The island is thick with tropical forest, mountains and caves. Hidden on the island are your skateboard, axe, food...
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    Ninja Jajamaru-kun

    Ninja Jajamaru-kun MSX

    Alternative Titles: 忍者じゃじゃ丸くん

    Take on the role of a ninja called JaJaMaru and rescue the captured Princess Sakura from the evil Namazu Dayuu in this action-packed game, never before released outside of Japan. JaJaMaru must use his throwing stars to defeat the monsters lurking in each of Dayuus many hideouts. JaJaMaru has to be...
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    Pico Pico

    Pico Pico MSX

    Congratulations on your marriage. But you probably should have told your new wife about the spiders. Oh well. I'm sure you'll have all that sorted out by the the time she arrives home... Pico Pico is primarily an action game set on a single screen which shows a top-down view of...
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    Star Wars: Droids

    Star Wars: Droids MSX

    Alternative Titles: Droids en el Planeta Ingo

    Star Wars: Droids is based on the Star Wars Saturday morning animated series that ran from 1985-1986. The series followed the adventures of the droid duo C-3PO and R2-D2. In this platformer title with puzzle elements, the droids find themselves prisoners of the Fromm Gang, and must escape a series of...
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    Bomber King

    Bomber King MSX

    Alternative Titles: ボンバーキング

    You're Zed, half man, half cyborg. The one-man battalion with a human heart and a computer's brain. Can you blast your way alone through 27 battle zones to liberate the desperate people of the planet Altile from the evil invader Xur? Xur has seized the weather control station; it's bitter...
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    Reflex MSX

    This bat and ball game has 90 levels, each more difficult than the last. The blocks are worth between 5 and 250 points. As you hit the special blocks on the left hand side, you gain power-ups ranging from slowing the ball to making the ball able to go through...
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    BMX Simulator

    BMX Simulator MSX

    This is an overhead-viewed racing game similar in style to Super Sprint. There are 7 courses of increasing difficulty, incorporating ramps and bumps which significantly affect the bike's handling. Each course has a time limit you must complete 3 laps of the course within, or it's game over. The further...
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    Time Gal

    Time Gal MSX

    The year is 4001. The evil Luna has stolen a time machine and plans to use it to take over the world. You are the Time Gal, a skillful and pretty scientist, and your mission is to chase Luna through different time periods, to get the time machine back, and...
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    Godzilla vs. 3 Daikaijuu

    Godzilla vs. 3 Daikaijuu MSX

    Alternative Titles: Godzilla vs. 3 Giant Monsters, ゴジラ対3大怪獣

    Once the player gets past the title screen, the game will begin. The movement of Godzilla is in three dimensions, and Godzilla's only weapon is his atomic breath, which can be aimed. Godzilla has four lives, which are depleted by either the enemies touching Godzilla, hitting Godzilla with their attacks,...
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