BRAHMA Force: The Assault on Beltlogger 9 on PlayStation 1

Beltlogger 9 is a mining colony on the edge of a black hole. Suddenly, Central Command loses contact with Beltlogger 9. To find out what has happened, the powers that be send the elite BRAHMA Force to investigate. As the squadron of mech warriors approaches the silent colony, they are attacked, and only a lone survivor makes it to Beltlogger 9. It is now up to you, the sole survivor, to find out what is going on and who is responsible. Run, jump, and blast your way through 22 levels including docks, residential areas, and prisons in the assault mech. Take on the bad guys using the mech's lasers, machine guns, missiles, and rocket launchers. Will you be able to save the Mining colony and any of its survivors? Play BRAHMA FORCE: The Assault on Beltlogger 9 and find out.

BRAHMA stands for "Bipedal Robotic Assault Heavy Mechanized Armor".



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Game Information

Alternative Titles
BRAHMA Force, Beltlogger 9, ベルトロガー9
PlayStation 1
Jaleco Entertainment
First Person Shooter
NA Release Date
March 31, 1997
JP Release Date
November 15, 1996
EUR Release Date
March 1, 1998
ESRB Rating
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