This game is the sequel to Mr. Do's Wild Ride and the fourth title in the "Mr. Do!" series. You control Mr. Do, a clown, and guide him trough a field with varying elevation levels, with balls placed on it. You must collect those balls to replenish your weapon, a ball that you throw at your enemies. A trail (shown as a line) follows you while moving around. The area you moved turns gray and will be uncovered. All the balls in that gray area turn into cherries. And, if you do the same with the cherries, they will be upgraded to oranges. The oranges can be upgraded to lemons and finally the lemons upgraded to pineapples. To continue to the next round, you can kill all enemies or collect all the balls or fruits.



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Alternative Titles
Do! Run Run, Super Pierrot, スーパーピエロ
Nidecom Soft
Action, Arcade
JP Release Date
January 1, 1988
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Arcade Amiga Atari ST

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