Backyard Football (2002) on Nintendo Gamecube

The roar of the crowd, the grass stains on your pants, running home for dinner...? Yep, it's Backyard Football - football with kids. Backyard Football brings you all the action and excitement of American Football, with all the charm and nostalgia of neighborhood sports.

Use the Backyard kids as players and/or play with the pros, as kids. In Backyard Football for GameCube, you get all 32 NFL teams to choose from as well as traditional Backyard Sports teams. You also get kid versions of top players in 2002 - Brett Favre, Rich Gannon, Jerry Rice, Michael Vick, Peyton Manning, Donnovan McNabb, Jeff Garcia, Ricky Wililams, Jevon Kearse and Terrell Davis. Kicking, passing, audibles, juking, stiff-arming, tackling and hurdling - it's all there.

And it may be "backyard" sports, but it still has instant replay, with VCR-like controls that allow you to move the camera around.

The game is true 3D, unlike earlier PC versions. As the coach, you draft your team, set your starting line-up and strategize your plays. Use existing plays or make your own in the playbook. Then play a 14-game season, with weekly schedules and season statistics. Or just do a pick-up game or Coaches' Challenge



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Alternative Titles
Backyard Football
Nintendo Gamecube
Humongous Entertainment, Left Field Productions
Humongous Entertainment, Infogrames
NA Release Date
October 10, 2002
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Michael Peed
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Nintendo Gameboy Advance

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