Congratulations on your marriage. But you probably should have told your new wife about the spiders. Oh well. I'm sure you'll have all that sorted out by the the time she arrives home...

Pico Pico is primarily an action game set on a single screen which shows a top-down view of you and your "house". This is a loose collection of bricks that can be shifted by pushing them or firing into them. Suck spiders start invading from the edge of your property, and you must shoot them before they shoot you.

The spider's dead bodies can provide extra material for your house. After the first wave of 30 spiders has been killed, your bride arrives, and you receive bonus points for the size of your house.

The next wave of spiders then arrives, but now you must also protect your wife. This can be done by surrounding her with bricks, dead spiders, and "stoppers" which you can drop in an empty space in front of you. If you or your wife get shot, you lose a life. After every 30 spiders killed, you receive a bonus, as well as a small amount of time to prepare for the next wave.



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Game Information

Micro Cabin Corp.
Eaglesoft, Toshiba Corporation
Action, Puzzle
JP Release Date
January 1, 1983
EUR Release Date
January 1, 1986
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