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Valve's Paid Modding

April 26, 2015 @ 2:43 am

To start off let me say that I do not agree that modders that put in hours of hard work to release a great end story mod shouldn't be payed (as long as it doesn't use copyright content), in my opinion those people should be payed up to £3, depending on it's length maybe even £5. Although come on, charging £0.50 up to £1.50 for a single weapon or armour item right off the bat, it doesn't stand well. I for one would never buy a cosmetic in skyrim, they are just as good quality as some free ones. This system can, will, and already is being abused. People are going to put out bad content just to get some free money whilst outputting minimal effort. Yes there are refunds but I doubt everyone will take advantage of the refunds.People are taking mods from nexusmods, uploading them to the workshop and getting money from another person's work (sounds like Valve, am I right?). Of course there will still be free mods as many contain copyright material, some modders do create content as a hobby and don't want to make money. Yes it is true this system encourages people to do mods full time and therefore better quality, but I doubt this will be many people.Some that ask for donations are being completely took down, as valve doesn't earn a penny from them. I thought they were alot better than this, you can understand them taking 75% of the money from CSGO, TF2, and DotA 2 workshop items, they are hosting the files, and the content is from their games, but this, is entirely different, this is just money grabbing from Valve. The company I least expected to be money grabbing but come on, 75% split between valve and the Game creator, for content they gave no help in making, they aren't the developer for Skyrim, and all they do is host the files, costing them pennies at most. I don't doubt that even with all the negative response, Valve will go ahead and ship it out to all their other moddable games, and this will probably be pretty detrimental to games like Gary's Mod. With content control, and Valve backing down on their profit, this could be a good thing. It just needs tweaking. If you are truly against paying to mods altogether (besides donations), then use nexusmods. Nexus is slightly less easy to use but if you want it all free then it is the only alternative. From this modding can become a full time job, which is great, but there is too much wrong with the system, what people are charging, the content they are charging money for, and people making money from other people's content.


Blog, I guess

April 26, 2015 @ 2:18 am

Well I'm new to the website, and I guess I will be posting about stuff in the blog about gaming that I think are important. I'm not making any promises for constant releases but it's going to be there